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  1. I have the version 2201. I flew from VGJR to VGHS. I chose ILS RW14 appoach for VGHS. As no transitions for ILS 14 approach in the FMS DEP/ARR page,  I used pilot defined waypoints, place-bearing/distance. They were DAC242/14, DAC300/12, DAC314/12, DAC324/12, then the approach waypoints from FMS. At first PBD i. e. DAC242/14, I set altitude constraint of 3000 ft. And my cruise was at 11000 ft. I was expecting to see top of descent in ND and VNAV deviation and snow flake. But they were not visible. Any help?

  2. During line up and final approach with manual flying, it is very difficult to maintain level laterally. I bank left a little bit for line up, then when try to level, it levels, overshoots and then rolls right. Any tips to keep the plane level laterally during final approach? I fly in a no wind condition.


    Haseen Ahmad.

  3. I made two flights. No. 1. from VGJR to VGHS. For VGHS I chose ILS rw 14, but did not find any approach transition option in the FMS DEP/ARR page. I was expecting MIMAR or IBANU approach transition. Next flight No. 2, from VGHS to VGEG. Expected ILS rw 23 approach transitions, ONEKA. But no approach transition option. But VGHS SID were available.


    Haseen Ahmad.

  4. Dear A_Pilot and Hans:


    1. Just out of curiosity, I tried the same approach (VOR approach to RW 13 of LIBR) with VNAV on. At 2000 ft, the mode showing PATH green, I selected 600 ft in the AP control panel, pressed VS button, but pitch mode showed ALTS green. The plane leveled off at 1000 ft. I was expecting to see VALT green as VNAV still engaged. Then I pressed VNAV button, VNAV button light went off but ALTV white is showing. At this point I got totally confused, I pressed ALT button, VS button, ALTS or ALT green are still on and can not engage VS mode to descend. ALTS OR ALT mode do not go! I just want to cancel VNAV and engage VS mode. But Could you please help me? Does the real CRJ behave the same way in that phase of flight? It's scary,  very close to final.


    2. Actually, I need to read about AP control panel VNAV functions, mode indications in the FMA in detail. Is there any book (soft copy) available? Is Aerosoft CRJ Pro VNAV and ALTS behavior during approach match the real world CRJ?



    Haseen Ahmad.


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