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  1. Dear: I downloaded/installed crj v103 today for my fsx classic. 1. a) The tab door page 'door open' does not work. 1. 'Cold & Dark' does not work. 2. FMC PBD: Does v103 have place/bearing/distance feature/custom waypoint active? How to make one if active? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  2. Dear Dave: Thanks for your reply. 1.My FSUIPC is a free version. Can I use it for that? 2. In FSL A320-X, it can be done in a MCDU page, pretty easy! Haseen.
  3. Dear: My joystick has become old. The throttle lever creates "noise" i. e. when set at CLB, the lever jerks fore & aft, 'clb' changes to 'man thr' and back and forth. Is there any way I can increase the climb detent zone as it is done in FSL Airbus A320-X? Haseen.
  4. Dear Oliver: How can I retreive v1.0.0.5 and the 5c hotfix? Thanks again, Haseen Ahmad.
  5. Dear Captain Snowflake: That's right! 1. I'm not sure whether I deleted or not the previous installers. How can I get them back by chance I deleted them? 2. I use FSX Acc. in Windows 7 pro 64-bit. Thanks & regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  6. Dear Dave: Thanks for your reply. I mentioned in my post that I use FSX Acc. By the way, my OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. 1. I don't update/work with my NVIDIA matters. So I'm ignorant about it. Please tell me how to wipe and update. 2. What are shaders and how to delete them? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  7. Dear: In all previous versions of CRJ's, the plane flew smoothly like a charm in my fsx acceleration. But now in this v1010, everything moves in steps! Why? The plane is hardly flyable. Please help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  8. Dear: If I need to use flaps 20 for takeoff, how can I set that in Dave's tab to get flaps 20 takeoff speeds? Haseen.
  9. Dear Propane: Thanks a lot! Haseen.
  10. Dear: I see a blue dotted double bar with a double deviation bar in the MFD in HSI format. The green deviation bar is for VOR/LOC. But what is this blue double deviation bar? Not to be confused with bearing pointers. Please help. Regards, Haseen.
  11. Dear: I am a great fan of DA Fokker 100/70 which is my first add-on for my FSX Acc. back in 2009. I'm still using it. But it is too old now. It has only 2D panels. Is Aerosoft going to take over the Fokker 100/70 to give it a modern look as it did for the DA CRJ 700/900? Regards, Haseen.
  12. Dear Mathijs: Thank you so much for replying and for making the CRJ, a very very nice airplane! JRBarret said: This is with P3DV4 btw." 1. Then why can't I turn on WX Radar in FSX Acc? 2. In Aerosoft Airbus A320/319/318, does weather radar turns on? 3. Just to have a psycho benefit that my WX Radar is on. Yes, I would prefer that way. Regards, Haseen.
  13. Dear gjharral, JRBarrett: Thanks for being with me. I use fsx acc. and don't have Active Sky. In PMDG, fsl Airbus A320-x and other add-on airplanes, I can turn on weather radar, can't see weather though. I wish to have that kind of feature in AS CRJ. I'll just be able to turn on wx radar. That's it. Thanks. Haseen.
  14. I don't want terrain mode. Is it a fact that the radar won't turn on without Active Sky? Haseen.
  15. Dear gjharral: I don't want to see weather..just want to see Radar Off message goes away and is turned on. Haseen.
  16. Dear FraPre: As I have selected the ILS approach in the dep/arr page, the FMS knows the ILS frequency & inbound course. FMS nav radio autotune is on. Will not the FMS automatically tune the required ILS frequency? Or the FMS v4.1 can only tune en route nav radios? Haseen.
  17. Dear Hans: I haven't yet downloaded the v1.0.0.4. Still using the original version. My os: win 7 64 bit, fsx acc. I powered up the plane, aligned IRS. The map shows RADAR OFF even when the wx radar cont. Pnl switch is set to 'wx'/on position. No terrain is present nearby. Any clue? Haseen.
  18. Dear FraPre: I was making a flight from vgjr to vghs. I chose cruise alt 13000. I filled the LEGS page with alt constraints and the route was continuous. But I can't see any TOD in the MFD map format. Os: win 7 64 bit, fsx acc., CRJ 700 900 X original version. Not yet downloaded v1.0.0.4.
  19. Even with wx radar turned on from the control pnl, in the ND WEATHER OFF message shows. Why? Haseen.
  20. 1. Do I have to tune ILS frequency manually and select inbound course manually? 2. Where can I see course pointer in the MAP format? Haseen.
  21. Dear: What are the requirements to capture ILS successfully from FMS Nav and ALTS mode of the Autopilot? Regards, Haseen.
  22. Dear: How can I see the VNAV deviation display in the PFD? Regards, Haseen.
  23. Dear: How to hide the yoke? Haseen Ahmad.
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