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  1. @becas Thanks, tested it and works fine!
  2. I want to draw a time marker along my route within the ND. For example, I want to see where I will be flying at 1130z. Is this supported and is this even a thing in real life? Where do I insert 1130z? Thanks
  3. I did some testing and this is how I can recreate the issue: 1. load turn around state and set turn around state as default 2. close P3D 3. reboot PC 4. launch P3D and Aerosoft A330 5. load take-off state After these five steps half of the MCP turns black. I also figured that opening the MCDU 2d panel fixes the issue. EDIT: This doesnt seem to work every single time, so it could be an initialization related issue.
  4. I have an odd lighting issue near the glareshield which is driving me crazy. A stroke of sunlight falls on the glareshield, which should not be possible out there. Of course, the issue is relative to the sun position. However, the issue is also relative to the zoom. Zooming out makes the light stroke bigger, and zooming far in vanishes the light. The issue occurs on the smaller bus series as well. I tried playing around with the P3D lighting settings but I could not fix it (except for entirely disabling shadows, of course). I have also reverted any user modification to my sim by reinstalling the P3D content library, but doing so did not fix it either. Screenshots and test scenario are attached. Any ideas? AerosoftAirbusWindShieldSunLight.fxml
  5. It also occurs when pressing the FUEL INR TK SPLIT L and R buttons, as well as the EVAC COMMAND button.
  6. @PatrickZ I often fly FSX and i DO LIKE the graphics but NOT the FPS. in FS9 I DO LIKE the graphics and the FPS. And I don't now which addons you used for FS9, but with HDEv2, REX, A good Anti Aliasing and some water tweaks you'll have a great FS9!
  7. Why buying a new PC to run a simulator with nearly simular graphics as FS9?, to fly on Nikos Kazantzakis? No sorry. I have more hobby's to spend money on and I think I'll get a new PC this year to run FSX.
  8. You can't make a scenery for FSX only, It's like discrimination. People are flying FS9 because it's just a good simulation with nice graphics and good frames on a medium or low end PC. On IVAO there so much people flying FS9, so the flying times for FS9 aren't over. So I agree with Air Holland.
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