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  1. Night flying over Toronto, sorry for the size.

    Can you tell me now what addons you are using on it? I allready told you that at your Video post, but I did'nt receive a proper answer on that Topic.

    If you are not using Ultimate Terrain, even not Zinertek Products, what are you using then to achieve those verry realistic look... ?

    I only could identify some photoreal textures....

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Hi Oliver

    I even don't know if this request is at the right corner in here but I d' got a little request for further versions of AES! For all planes, there are the right vehicles! But for some aircraft, like the CRJ family aircraft or the tupolev aircraft family or the Cessna Citation Aircraft family! I saw that there are bugs who couldn't be solved untill yet! For the listed aircraft there is a luguage compartement underneath the left hand Engine! Same issue with the Embrear family or the Dash-8 family underneath the Tail! And I'd need bagage handling cars not just stairs on there! Not just at the right hand side of those planes! Would be great if you consider to create those carrier vehicles!

    Thanx in advance!

  3. Ich schließe mich diesem Wunsch von Delta777 an!

    Jonathan Gabbert hat eine, von mir lang erwartete, freeware Szenerie von Vancouver in Kanada erstellt. Ein besuch auf seiner Seite http://jgabbert.com/ lohnt sich :)

    Guten Rutsch und always three greens!!!


    Da bin ich auch mit dabei! Ein Echtes MUSS für die freeware Perle! Ebenfalls mit dabei bei France VFR Basel Mulhouse, ebenfalls ein MUSS wenn schon die beiden FSDT Szenerien der Schweiz AES erhalten haben, dann soll doch auch der drittgrösste Airport der Schweiz mit dem wichtigen drehkreuz der Cargoliners das AES erhalten! Ran an die Arbeit Oliver!

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  4. Can you please post the Intelliscene.cfg of this aircraft? Did you start AESConfig sometimes before since you start the FS?

    Hi Oliver, the Intelliscene of the Airbus A320-214 is:




    Nosegear= 11.45

    Door1=-1.85, 11.35, 3.35, 5

    Door4=-1.8,-13.3, 3.7,-5

    Front= .75, 8.25, 1.8

    Rear= .75,-6.4, 1.8

    hope thats the right one! Some times i also get two stairs at the left side together with the two Catering Cars at the right side! at nearly all gates and Stands at each and every airport who supportes AES!

  5. Its going into the wrong way here! The competition's theme acctually was to show your TOWER VIEWS, not to put your airplanes into foreground!

    I know it's a hard theme for this month and it's hard to get priority view of a tower and it's sight!

    But even so, as an inspiring example, take a look at post: #2, #4, #8, #9 and #20 of this competition and then consider 'bout all the other pictures!

    There are no more towerviews, I can see planes only!

    I really hope, that there are following many other great and outstanding TOWER VIEWS!

    So long,

  6. It's a very hard Competition this month! Really difficult to find any great motives!

    Anyway! Here's my try! It shows one of a kind scenery! Probably one of the most remarkable sceneries, ever created for MS FS2004

    It's the LHSimulation's "Debrecen" scenery tower and it's sight around! I really hope you like it!



    Please notice, that I had to remove my first post, because of the difficulties

    to find any great motives and to deal with the competition's theme of TOWER VIEWS!

    So, give it a chance and let this one counting! Thanks for your appreciation!

    Good Luck to all of you!

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