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  1. Thank you, please let me know if i can assist. Thanks
  2. Yes, i have also observed similar results. Using the information imparted by, i think it was Simon; i no longer get less than 1 hr in the air. It would appear that the Carb heat switch may as well be labelled the 'self destruct' mode switch. I have also observed that switching the carb heat off once it has been switched on, does not appear to have any impact on the wear, it still continues on into the red and kills the engine, generally within about 40 minutes. At the moment we are having good weather in the UK, so i am getting no or very little icing. I have seen carb icing in this aircraft at 8c 2000rpm and 25mp.
  3. Sigh...your information was both useful and correct, had i noticed said topic i would have indeed read it, digested it and resolved my problem. It would have been preferable too interaction with people who have the answer but unfortunately seem unable to phrase it in such a way as would be deemed polite face to face. In any case your answer has resolved the failing engine within 1hr, so i owe you my thanks. Thank you. Thank you i will look at this post, switching off the carb heat did indeed resolve the ever failing engine. Yes this was the tendency i noticed as well. If you switch the carb heat on (when the MP starts dropping, over the engine starts quitting) the engine springs to life but you then have about 30 minutes before the engine fails. Even if the carb heat is later switched off it makes no noticiable difference, CHT continues to climb. Thank you for your help Janus92
  4. So sorry i didn't read the post you have indicated. No the engine RPM will still drop at 25 with carb icing, even in the UK set for last Monday when the temp was about 8c accoring to the aircraft I thank you for your somewhat abrupt comment and help within, i will attempt a two hour flight, set in the afternoon and not use carb heating until the rpm starts dropping as indicated Thanks Ian
  5. Makes sense i have been flying in the Blackpool area, temp around 8c. I switched on carb heat on the ground due to the temp. I didn't even get 1hr, just managed to land when the engine died due to high CHT again. I had the prop set at 2000rpm and 25MP. Thanks
  6. I have this issue too, but not quite within the same time frame, generally after 1.5 hrs cht starts to rise and hits the top of the scale then the engine quits, after about 10 minutes. I have ensured that no baffles are installed, be default they are not, but i added and then removed them. I have replaced the engine, changed the oil checked everything. The plane is fine right up until the 1.5 hr of flying then the same happens.
  7. Just adding a little to Matts information. I run in windowed mode, if i only use a single monitor rather than all 3 the product works great. So what i can do at the moment is use it single windowed for prep, when i am ready to fly i use all 3 again. Thanks Ian
  8. Yes that's part of the problem. The menus do not show up, i can get the "icons menu" up, it looks awful but works. The setup menu and most of the others just cause the mouse pointer to go nuts. It alternates between the spinning disk thing (win7) and the pointer. Like something is loading. The 4x menu does not load on first attempt with the aircraft, however if i end flight and go straight back in, it appears (and looks fine). I guess it's a resolution issue since i am using a ATI 6970 with 3x monitors and the other chap is using Nvidia. Thanks Ian
  9. Yep i have the same problem, i guess you are running eyefinity as well? If you click on an option the mouse pointer goes crazy and starts flashing. If you end the flight and then come back in the 4x menu appears. But as indicated above, nothing works at 5760x1080 Any help?
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