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  1. Well done to all that took part, a great challenge. Top job Andreas it would seem that your skills are far better than mine! Thank you for the challenge Matt and thanks to all at aerosoft for the prizes. Well if Andreas is getting the beers in, I will get the flaming sabuka's on the go!!! BR Mac
  2. A great article. Also the lessons on the MD11 have been spot on, they are doing a great job at PC PILOT Best regards Mac
  3. Nice Pics there buddy, nice to know I was in the same places as you, looking at both sets of photos, I can't have gone too far off the beaten trail Great work sir! I look forward to more challenges! BR Mac P.S Screenie of the field!!!
  4. Just re-looking at the rules and it states 10 points max......I count 11 . Must have been a late Finnish for Matty that night!!! Just thought you would like to know. BR Mac
  5. It was great fun.........I will of course, include my log file below, sorry guys, forgot that one! As for the X-mas tree, I read up on the forums and saw the exclude flie....but love the tree my friends..........she stays on my scenery!!!! Matt: I am just about to send e-mail, has 10 meg of photos which may seem like over kill but wanted to show all of the instruments on each leg with nav frequencies. Sorry, no DME as I turn it off in the otter for frames gain and use saitek freqency panel for DME. I hope I have not cocked it up completely with the answers, if nothing else, it will keep Matt amused! Best regards Mac
  6. Well what an outstanding challenge, well thought out route, great questions, and some reading required to learn all about MSA's and the such like what a challenge indeed. I took plenty of screenies of the cockpit and instruments for Mat to scrutinize, and a go at the questions asked, I am sure we will know the outcome once Mat has finished laughing at the answers.......sorry I mean marking the answers, but in the meantime here are a few screenies (without giving the game away) of the "Nice" shots taken on a wonderful journey. Well done again Matt, outstanding!!!!! I hope you all enjoy them. Best regards Mac
  7. You have not seen my answers yet...probably way off!! Best regards Mac
  8. Thank you all for your replies, most helpful. I am just completing the flight now, which was a great one!!!! I am going to put up a few screenies for you to look at and hopefully answer some of the questions asked. Understanding of MLA rules and quadrangle rule has not been taught to me before but I have been reading up and see how we get on. I hope to catch up with some of you soon. BTW I have done said flight on server at VAE but apart from connecting......I don't know how to do much else...sorry if this is incorrect. GREAT TASK THOUGH, really enjoyed it! BR Mac
  9. hello me old bean

  10. Where do I find out about events and also when are you guys about?? I have been on the TS server over at VAE and there is not alot going on...am I missing something here ?? I look forward to catching up with you all. Any advise would be very much appreciated. BR Mac
  11. Just a very quick hi to all at the Andreas fields community I have just purchased this wonderful package and have to say I love the concept behind it. I have just joined VAE and spent the last hour in a shared cockpit with a nice chap called Jeff having a chat about how impressive it all is. Really enjoyed the attention to detail (as I have come to expect from Aerosoft products) and look forward to hopefully becoming an active member of the community. I will await the e-mail letting me know if VAE will authorize my application and will then be able to install required software to fly with some of you, which I am very much looking forward to. Well done all at Aerosoft, a great standalone add-on with massive potential for the online community! Best regards Mac McCarlie
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