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  1. I have Aerosoft My Traffic 2013, and i have many bgl's disabled because of addon sceneries, but not all and i can confirm that i have a duplicate afcad at LGTS. i'll rename that bgl on mytraffic folder and see after what happens..

    i always install with administrator rights with UAC disabled.

    Should i rename the bgl traffic to .off uninstall and reinstall scenery again ?

    Thanks for your help

    I'd start with one step at a time and just disable any MyTraffic .bgls and see if that helps. It seems you made the right steps on the initial install, so wait on that til you're out of other options.

  2. I don't understand, if i have all sceneries disabled except departure/arrival sceneries(no photoscenry enabled!) + Win7 x64 i have this. it's a shame i can't enjoy one of the best fsx's sceneries i have. But only when the airport is on my front, the VAS increases a lot. When airport is on my back, VAS reduces again, i realized that on my last approach. And after the final turn (aircraft aligned with runway- airport in front of me) VAS has increased again and OOM shuts off fsx

    Have you checked for any duplicate AFCADs at LGTS? For instance any freeware you may have installed, or if you have any AI traffic addons like MyTraffic? If so search the MyTraffic folder for "LGTS" and rename any .bgl's you find to ".off".

    Lastly, have you tried simply uninstalling LGTS, redownloading the installer, and installing it again by running as administrator?

    Something is amiss for sure because especially with the LITE versions, you should not still be having OOM's.

  3. Well... yes i think so. Already got this problem. But there is probably a proper way to avoid this issue.

    but are we reducing a lot of VAS by deactivating FSDT airports ? That's the question.


    Hey Dom,

    Been using SCE for a couple of months now with both FSDT and FlightBeam airports, and have only 2 or 3 times seen an issue, and those only at FSDT's Zurich airport, where I began the flight there at LSZH. I had missing buildings, but a simple close out and restart of FSX solved it. Did you encounter issues at any other of their airports?

  4. I also wonder where exactly I can get the new v3 of the City Config tool? I checked under Product updates but couldn't find it in the list. Haven't manually registered LGTS though if that's the problem? But on the other hand I have all my other products in the list even though I haven't registered them.

    You can download it from here: http://support.aerosoft.com/support.php

    You will have to register it. You'll need your e-mail and serial. The entry is "Aerosoft - Thessaloniki X"

    Once registered, the name of the patch is the only entry called: "Thessaloniki patch (Out of Memory errors )"

  5. So, maybe you could be so kind and share or explain how you fixed your OOM errors at MMMX? That would be most helpful...

    Hi gents, one thing I do want to point out is that my post was general, but was also pointed towards those who do not have any OOM issues. I saw some very pointless posts to that regard in another forum.

    Anywho, Last year when I bought MMMX it was the first time I've ever had an OOM issue. 6 years of buying addons and never a one. I tested it out and bam, again OOM. So I went into research mode and long story short- my solution was disabling all sceneries I'm not currently using, using a tool call SceneryConfigEditor (can be found in the Avsim library).

    I free up a few hundred MB of VAS by doing this. For instance on flight to LGTS, I just flew from KIAD to LGTS in the T7, and the only sceneries active were KIAD, LGTS, and LGAV (my alternate). So, instead of having 80 other sceneries in the background (photo sceneries are the worst, they always load even if you're not there!) I only have 3. I found that gives me a sweet buffer. Add that to killing off using AA/TF from inspector and leaving it to FSX, I've not seen an OOM since, at MMMX or anywhere else.

    I'm with you all in that LGTS is a heavy hitter, I'm still in the mid 3's of VAS with the NGX, but what did you expect when you saw the screenshots? I saw the shots and knew, this'll be like MMMX. How could it not be with that much detail? Those were my thoughts at least.

    Before I drone on off topic let me share my settings:

    ASN, AS2012 textures, TML=2048, MyTraffic 5.4. Like Richard only HIGHMEMFIX=1 as a tweak. No other tweaks.





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  6. I just want to get something in the air here.

    People are funny when they have an issue. The immediately think, well if I have it, others must have it! And the product is broken!

    I fall into the category of having no issue at all with OOMs at Thessaloniki. I've taken the NGX, T7, AAX, and B407 there with no issue. Running ASN with AS2012 clouds etc. I've never heard a ding, never had a crash.

    The door swings both ways here. Just because it works for me, doesn't mean it works for everyone. Someone said they don't have OOM issues at MMMX. Funny, because I OOM'd there every time I tried to go there when the product came out. Does that mean that everyone must be having that issue? No. Does that mean I am the only one? No. But I took the time to check my setup and solved the OOM's there.

    Very obviously though this isn't a widespread issue, internal support and forum support would be on lockdown, and you'd see topics being brought up across the different FS forums. Just relax and help the developer help you. Emil has been on top of his game trying to help those with issues since the topic first came up.

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  7. What is difference between this Your Screenshots (part 2) subforum and regular screenshot subforum of Aerosoft forums? Forgive me for stupid question but I am new here!!



    Hi Aharon,

    This is just a place to share random screenshots from FSX if you don't want to start your own topic. There's no competition or anything on this thread, just everyone sharing recent shots of their adventures.

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  8. 2. Harassment and bullying of other members of the community. One forum member sent me a private message that included the following: "I'm afraid if I voice my concerns with dmbusmc that I will be banned."

    ^_^ For obvious reasons I'll let Aerosoft address what you've said here and in the other thread, but since this one specifically involves me, I'll give a response. This actually gave me a chuckle. I have actually very very rarely ever banned or post-disabled anyone that was not a spambot. In the past 3 or 4 months, there is actually only one user who was an actual person who I personally post-disabled and banned, and that was for a heavy set of trolling and spamming. Most likely someone having a laugh, but doing so on every post he could get to (I think he got around 15 of the same thing in a row, and I only post-disabled him after I gave him 2 actual warnings, and 2 extra warnings on the threads he posted on). Sure, I'll hide certain posts if they're off-topic, unnecessarily rude, if they have cussing, or to consolidate a thread, but if they are of value, criticism or not, I would keep them. Ultimately it's not my decision anyways. But that's much different than actually banning anyone.

    In all honesty (and I'd bet those around me might agree), you probably have the least chance of getting banned by me. I like helping and I like reading and answering any questions and concerns, you'll see I do that every day in the Extended forum as well as in all of the other forums as well. Harassment and bullying aren't my method of operation, so I'll consider that directed at someone else lol.

    I'm pretty easy to approach, so I don't really get the fear. That's all why it gave me a chuckle.

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  9. Two things I would check:

    1) It looks like a duplicate AFCAD, do you have any other scenery in that area? Or, do you have a competing AFCAD possibly created by a traffic addon?

    2) Lastly, are your display settings at least to the minimums laid out in the manual?

    You may also want to include your OS and system specs just in case.

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  10. Hi amirata,

    You will need a joystick and a throttle axis to operate this aircraft, which is stated in the system requirements. Unfortunately a keyboard will not work for controlling the throttles.

    Also, the most up to date version of the Airbus X is version 1.22, which you can download by setting up an account and registering your product here: http://aerosoft-shop.com/support.php?language=en

    In addition to all of this, there is a new, more advanced version of the Airbus X coming out soon called the Airbus X Extended, which will also need a joystick and throttle axis to operate. You can check that product out and follow it on this thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56762-airbus-x-extended-preview-part-2/#entry395767

    Hope this helps.

  11. It was designed by the developer that way, to be used with AES for jetway usage, so no, Ctrl+J will not work. The only workaround is to remove all door assignments for each aircraft you want to use except for the front left door in AES, and use the "other" ground services for everything else. The AES marshaller will still be there, so that would just be something you have to live with.

    Though, if you do this, keep in mind that airports where AES is truly essential, you will have to reactivate the doors before going. So can be a pain. (btw, airports I consider "AES essential" are ones like Madeira, Heraklion, Corfu, and other airports with standalone parking stands that the "other" service does not do well with at all. [standalone stands are i.e. no gates])

  12. To do this you must remove door assignments for specific aircraft. What you will have to do is open FSX, load the aircraft at an airport, then window FSX and open the AES icon on your desktop. From there, go to "Set aircraft parameters", and from there you can edit which doors are served, thereby removing what vehicles come to the aircraft. Remember to save it on the bottom right and close it out. You will have to do that for every aircraft you want to make the changes for. Hope this helps.

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