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  1. Wow, B21, thanks a lot for that detailed info! That probably saved me a lot of forum surfing! I try to read as much as I can before wading in with a lot of questions that have been answered upteen times before. I have downloaded a lot of those missions, and not actually flown them, but just spawned in to see what they are like. I immediately realized I had no clue about how the CAISet/GPS/Flight Computer worked. I have experimentd a little with laying out and saving a couple of flight plan as you have described, but it is the whole process (ala the Condor PDA) of using the Glide Computer to start, and follow the task that eludes me at the moment. I found the CAISet manual, and was planning to read through that to get a handle on it. I also found the old FSZViewer2, and played around with it to load .dat files from the Worldwide TP Exchange, select a task, and save them to a file. I thought that would be a possible route to generate a task for the GPS-NAV, but it sounds like the Plan-G you mention is the current tool to use. I host a dedicated Condor server, and fly weekly with my brother and a few friends, so my plan is for us to actually do the multiplayer thing with FSX, initially to duplicate tasks we have flown in Condor. I'm a little surprised about the glider performance comment...does that apply to Wolfgang Piper's gliders? (many of which we have downloaded already) I did read another post of yours here, where you mentioned the robust multiplayer community that Condor has, as compared to FSX. At this early stage, I would say that a couple of the more obvious reasons for that (as I'm sure you know) are: 1. Condor was designed from the get-go to be a multiplayer, competiton soaring simulator, and to that end... 2. It comes with a ready-to-use Dedicated Server, that is simple to set up, and will run on pretty much any old Windows PC 3. Any dedicated server running, or anybody hosting with their game, shows up on a community serverlist webpage, and joining any of those hosted tasks is as simple as clicking on it. 4. Creating tasks in the Condor Flight Planner is dead simple, especially in comparison to the way it seems to be done in FSX Not to come off as a Condor Fanboy, I'm sure I will love FSX as much as Condor, but those are some of the obvious reasons why Condor has such a thriving multiplayer commmunity. Tools like CumulusX! and the methodology you guys have developed for creating and sharing soaring tasks are a needed step in the right direction for FSX.
  2. Will do. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! FWIW, I poked around on all 3 Gold disks. I could not find anywhere a separate folder or install of SP1. Although there is an SP1.cab file, it does not contain the SimConnect.dll There is another Products.cab file which contains several SimConnect.dll..etc files. There is, of course, the SimConnect.dll for SP2 and its associated Manifest file.
  3. OK, thanks...downloading now. Just to clarify, I should do this even though CumulusX seems to be running fine?
  4. I read the warning in CumulusX manual about possible crash under AP, so was fully expecting it to happen, since I have FSX Gold installed with AP. But, it did not crash and runs fine. I noticed, when installing FSUIPC4, that it did a check for installed SimConnect(s), and it found three: Checking compatibility with installed SimConnect: Found SimConnect build 60905 (Original) Found SimConnect build 61242 (SP1 May07) Found SimConnect build 61259 (Acc/SP2 Oct07) So, unless MS has changed the AP, it seems not a foregone conclusion that the required SimConnect library is missing from the AP version of SP2. I also have only DotNET 3.5 installed, none other.
  5. Thanks, Peter! I actually figured it out after reading the tutorial about getting the GPS waypoints for a mission (and making triangular flight plan by editing in Notepad. http://carrier.csi.cam.ac.uk/forsterlewis/soaring/sim/fsx/dev/gps/ Now I understand these are saved flight plans, whereas I had them confused with missions at first. I just bought and installed FSX for first time a few days ago, so I had no idea about this folder where the saved flight plans go, but I found it now. My goal is to create and host some soaring tasks for a few friends I fly with in Condor. We want to see what soaring is like in FSX. I have FSX Gold installed, plus a few of Wolfgang's gliders, FSUIPC4, CAISet, and CumulusX. Eveything is working, but still trying to get a feel for it all, and reading as much as I can find.
  6. I know this is old thread, but how are these task (Task1 and Task2) installed? The ReadMe refers to "...the directory, that is used to hold Flightsimulator files", but it's not clear to me exactly what that might mean. I've tried putting them into a Mission folder, but no joy. OK, I see the new version of Task 1 just above, in Mission form, thanks. What about the files in Task2? What and where is the most current happenings for soaring missions and competitions? Everything here seems to be several years old.
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