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  1. Hi Peter Miraculous, well yes it seems so. I am a member of the UKVGA and I have a nice little ridge soaring flight saved which launches me in Wolfgang's Grunau Baby over the Long Mynd where I gently waft along in Ridge lift until a CumulusX thermal drifts in and I then thermal away across country, which never ceases to fill me with delight and wonder, as I used to do just that in real life. With FRLimiter running there was ridge lift but seemed to be no thermals or cumulus clouds, without FRLimiter there were. This just goes to prove the desirability of a wider range of testing and thanks HarryO for helping out. I was sure something I was doing killed the CumulusX processes, but I am very happy now to have nice thermals and smooth visuals, Best wishes Peter and thank you so much for many hours of pleasure with CumulusX. Phil
  2. Harry, Peter, what can I say - it all works. The only thing I have done between then and now was uninstall SP2 and install Acceleration. CumulusX working beautifully with FPS Limiter too. Many thanks and best wishes, Phil
  3. Hi Harry Well, bless my soul! I was sure FPS Limiter killed the lift too. I am going to test that again just as soon as I get home. Could this be hardware related I wonder; ATI HD5870, AMD dual core Phenom here. Thank you very much for stepping in here and helping; I'm intrigued. Phil
  4. Hi Peter et al. Peter, this is not your problem or your fault so I aologise for asking the question, but... FPS limiter is a freeware external frame rate limiter utility for DX9 only, a kind of 'renderer hook' that it is possible to run and that limits frame rates to a preset value, without resort to the FSX rate limiter. Tweaking experts (eg. 'Bojote' at Avsim) suggest that this is preferable to the internal limiter and certainly makes for a very smooth display. Trouble is, it kills lift from CumulusX, and I wonder if you might have an insight about that. I can't think why you should as FPS limiter was written for another game altogether, a couple of years ago but many gamers use it for a variety of games. I am sorry to ask what seems a fatuous question, and Peter, you are a busy chap and we who soar owe you a great debt of gratitude. Many thanks for CumulusX and best wishes, Phil PS - can we have wave lift and lenticular clouds please? Um, I'll get my coat...
  5. Hi Scott Could you please check your PM inbox? Many thanks, Phil
  6. Hi folks! Well, it looks as if we were a bit too quick with the links to Johns models, all my fault I am afraid, good intentioned and just too enthusiastic. I am sure John never really intended to publish them nor benefit in any way. I encouraged him in response to enthusiasm for the Kite particularly in this thread. Apologies to the owners of the copyright. The files are no longer available. Phil H
  7. Thank you! How did you get on with them? I am not able to fly FS at the moment. I flew (RL) Skylarks, Swallow, T31, T21 etc, but always wanted to fly the early Slingsby types, like the Kite aqnd never did. I am saving up for a capable machine. Phil
  8. Hello everyone. I am delighted to say I have found John Kenny and he is very happy to share his Kite and other glider models with this community. Firstly, although I don't fly at the moment because my computer is not up to FS8/9/10 specs, I still keep in touch with the virtual soaring movement. I found this thread and immediately wanted to buy a new computer and get John's Kite all fired up. I knew a John Kenny 40 years ago when he was an Instructor at the Cornish Gliding Club at Perranporth in Cornwall, but he left us for the Isle of Wight and we had not met or spoken since. Could "our John" be one and the same I knew all those years ago? I knew John had been an very active Instructor and pilot at his new Gliding Club, and so a few weeks ago I emailed them and asked if they could put me in touch with John in the hope that he might be our Kite developer. And here is his reply: "... I sent a picture of the Kite model to SOAR as a header and later sent some files for the model on FS9 but didnt get a reply and thought that they were too grotty to be of any use. This may well be the case as I'm pretty computer illiterate and my models are poor compared to most. I have not yet discovered how to make virtual cockpit instruments show - among other things. Attached are files for a pre-war Kite 1 which will show up on FS9 as "Unspecified" and another version which represents the " modernised " Kite that I used to fly at Perran up to about 1964 which should show up as Slingsby, Blue Kite on FS. Also enclosed are a Slingsby Tutor which is meant to be the one on which I soloed at Perran in 1959 and a Schempp Hirth SHK which I flew at Bembridge and in France for many years. I have just changed computers and am unable to get the Max Roodefeld varios to show up on the instrument panels, I think that I probably have the wrong version of FSPUIC installed. To get the Cosim varios in the Kites and Tutor to show up you may need to install Wolfgang Piper's Minimoa on your FS9 to get the Cosim vario in your guages file. You are very welcome alter the files in any way you wish and let me know how you get on. If I can get this new computer to behave I may be able to improve them a bit too." Yrs John Kenny How about that for intuition? Many thanks John! I am so frustrated that I can't test John's models myself, but I have put links to the files down below and hope you folks enjoy them: Blue_Kite Kite_036 SHK_033 Tutor_005 EDITED by Don: I have deleted the links to the above aircraft because of copywrite issues with the use of certain gauge files in one or all of the aircraft. SOAR cannot post aircraft or links that contain original coding without the author obtaining permission from the orginal creator and acknowledging the original creator in an enclose readme with each aircraft. If and when John Kenny obtains this permission SOAR will be happy to provide a link and/or actual download to said aircraft. Phil
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