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  1. Hello Mark, As mentioned, I was wanted to provide feedback on the suggestions offered. Nothing changed. I realized this produce is old compared to new ones and probably not much interest in it anymore but I will keep plugging away until a solution is resolve. Thanks again for the suggestions. Have a great one. Abraham
  2. Hello Mark and thanks for the reply. I have Vista Ultima and the download had worked before with no problem what so ever. The FSX installation directory is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe". When installing, the process never proceed far enough to prompt asking where the fsx directory. It starts with the aerosoft icon followed by the a progress bar for a second....or two then, error message" already installed". Even after the who fsx and accelerator uninstalled and removed (so there is nothing of aerosoft anywhere), after the installation o
  3. Greetings Everyone, First, I wish to apologize if I irritate anyone with these series of questions. I am sure there were answered somewhere before and probably a number of times however, I seem to be very challenged to find them. So if you could just muffle under your breath and help me out, I greatly will appreciated the help. I am not new around computers so I will understand what the explanation in getting this resolve. Here it is: I currently have (among other aerosoft products) the Twin Otter X - Mission Pack, Lulka - Mount Everest X and the DHC - 6 Twin Otter x (yes, purchased t
  4. First, I wish to apologize if my question seems trivial or irritate anyone because it seems so simple. Nevertheless, I recently purchased Andras Airfield download package to see what all the buzz was about. I started flying Sims when it were merely wire like figures on an amber screen. It is amazing how far this hobby has come. Anyway, this is my question. I wish to access the online version of Andras Airfield. Exactly how do I do this? Again, I apologize if this question offends anyone or if its way below your area of expertise. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the response but I attempted that as well (aerosoft.com........FAQ's/Updates) but could not find "Aerosoft Sound Controls" anywhere. May I inquire the exact path to this update? Thanks.
  6. Greetings, I just recently purchased the DCH-6 twin otter x (fsx only) and the twin otter x - mission pack. I often get the error message "Oh no, that's not the right aircraft!" when I start up a mission (not all of them). At this point, I have given up on all the missions and the other hicups I get using in free flight mode. I am pretty much computer savy and I have tried every thing I found so far on the fourm with no success. I would like the Sandspit Transit mission to work without the error (after clicking ok, the mission will continue but I cannot manually change the any o
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