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  1. So they're working on an aircraft that isn't an Airbus?... interesting.
  2. Has work started on one of the other Airbus aircraft? It was mentioned that you have two development teams available for aircraft.
  3. VC looks incredible! It was mentioned earlier that, given the progress of the new airbus code, the modelling would be the limiting factor in terms of when the A330 will be released. Is this still the case?
  4. Given that the airbus code is done from scratch, does this mean that it will not use "legacy code" (C++) and thus won't rely on WASM. I'm curious about this because of the WASM issues on Xbox. Thanks.
  5. We will probably learn more about the issue preventing the release of certain aircraft (those that are WASM-dependent) on Xbox in the next Q&A. Last Q&A, Jorg explained that they are working on a pontential short-term solution which might come with either SU9 or SU10. In any case, hopefully the A330 wil be ready once the WASM issues are fixed. I think the Aerosoft products such as the CRJ and the Twin Otter will sell like crazy given their broad appeal and favorable reputation. I personally cannot wait and will no doubt buy all of their products.
  6. @Mathijs Kok are you able to share some screenshots of the A330 in the near future?
  7. Me too! The A330 happens to be my favorite airliner! I can't wait to fly it on Xbox. The fact that PMDG are devoted to bringing their complex aircraft like the B737 and B777 to Xbox (without compromises, mind you!) makes me hopeful that the same could be done for the Aerosoft A330 and remaining Airbuses.
  8. Xbox is the reason. The only way we (Xbox simmers) can obtain a liveriy is through the in-sim marketplace or if it is included with the aircraft. Given that no liveries exist on the marketplace yet for any aircraft (save for a handful bad ones that were added recently) it is really important that these are included with the product. For Pc users, I can imagine that some people prefer the liveries that are made by Aerosoft, since these might be better quality?
  9. Is it too early to make wishes for A330 liveries or are these already nailed down? Personally, I would really love to see the Scandinavian Airlines and Thomas Cook (the blue one) liveries!
  10. I want to take this opportiunity to thank you for supporting the Xbox platform as a viable option for flight simming and for seeing the opportiunity to reach many new potential simmers through it; this vision is clearly evident in the webinar by Mathijs on the topic of Xbox. I believe that the release of the CRJ and Twin Otter will be a huge milestone for MSFS on Xbox and bring it closer to acheiving its full potential. My hope is that it will demonstrate to other developers that it can indeed support a solid flight simming experience, albeit with some limitations compared to Pc of course.
  11. This just made my day! Cannot wait to get the CRJ on Xbox; it will be a huge milestone for MSFS on Xbox to finally have a detailed airliner.
  12. Hi! Is the A330 being developed for Xbox like the Twin Otter and CRJ? Thank you.
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