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  1. Thanks for the answer. So, what about the talks with asobo on this issue? Could you give us some information? This subject is everyone's curiosity.
  2. Actually, I was thinking of opening the same issue. @Mathijs KokWe would be very happy if you comment on this. Will the radars be active anymore?
  3. If there is a survey or topic on this subject, please share it here. Together we must support the cause. Asobo values feedback. Does not deal with non-feedback issues.
  4. The livery are beautiful. I wish it had come with modern flight systems. Because the coatings will be prepared by others in a very short time. However, flight systems cannot be changed by others. In the future, it would be very good if you offer an add-on for 1000, even if it is paid. As you said from the beginning "These planes are not just the big 700". We continue to wait with excitement. Everything seems ready. Maybe it would be nice if you could explain a date. Everyone is wondering about it.
  5. I did not expect that. Hope to see you at the market tomorrow.
  6. This is beautiful. 1 left. I think we'll see the plane this Thursday.
  7. 2 left to come; GARUDA, IBERIA. Wİll we see in the update on July 1?
  8. Yes. Actually, that's what I was wondering about. But this is sad. Since there is no change in this big bird, the only difference from other versions will make you think that it is longer. I hope it changes in the future. Thanks.
  9. Could you share a visual from the cockpit of the 1000 series?
  10. I glad to see 1000 variant. I hope use soon.
  11. The last update for June will be released this Thursday. You said earlier that you plan to release it in June. Many curious people will be happy if you explain what your plan is.
  12. Actually, I don't think at the thursday. Because, we saw so little thing. But, I hope see next week.
  13. I've been following this thread for a while. The release date is very close, but we still haven't seen the 1000 version. This adds to the excitement. Hope we see you soon.
  14. @JRBarrettThere is another issue that I noticed. When I press load on the simulator 2 times in a row, the trim setting and balance points change. Should I press install once or twice in this case?
  15. @JRBarrettYes. I noticed that the plane was shaking. But I thought it was fuel. All I have to do is fill the EFB as before and press enter. And pressing upload to the simulator. Is it correct?
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