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  1. If you cannot vote, please write a letter containing your complaint. In this way, the subject is up-to-date and attracts more attention.
  2. The thread got 100 votes. But there are definitely more than 100 flightless. If you haven't voted, please vote. This is a breaking point. The more votes it gets, the more important it will become. We must show our reaction. Thanks in advance.
  3. @Mathijs KokSome good news would be nice for these bored folks. You said earlier that you would share the update content ( if things got delayed. I think things are late. At least hopeful news will make us all happy. We are aware of the effort you have put in so far. Thanks for everything.
  4. I just looked, 12 people voted. Thanks to everyone interested.
  5. These problems are known. However, Asobo is expected to release an update. Please rate and comment on the thread below to speed it up. Voted Make Aerosoft CRJ flyable again
  6. These problems are known. However, Asobo is expected to release an update. Please rate and comment on the thread below to speed it up. Voted Make Aerosoft CRJ flyable again
  7. It's in my message, but it would be better if it was at the subject beginning.
  8. I commented and voted. If everyone does, it will draw attention. Let's keep this topic updated, only 6 people have voted yet. Everyone should put their hand under the stone. A comment and vote is not difficult. Thanks for the topic. Voted Make Aerosoft CRJ flyable again
  9. Update is on its way. We have no choice but to wait for this. Unfortunately.
  10. I don't think this has anything to do with the update. Because, it happened to me several times before the update. I think it's because of the weather changes as you said.
  11. This is really sad. But I know it's not in your hands. Asobo should find a solution to this. Waiting for days in each update will turn people off the platform after a while. Normally I was waiting today, but after your reply, my hopes have waned.
  12. Unfortunately, some problems occurred after the update. I'm having similar problems too. It has been given by admins that an update on this is on the way. No date has been shared but I hope it will be today.
  13. Frankly, this plane did not attract my attention at first. But now it's starting to look very attractive. There are many models and it is a medium-sized ildeal aircraft for the vfr. It also looks ambitious for the price. I think it will be a plane that will be in everyone's hangar when it comes out. But first we has to get the CRJ 900-1000 into the hangar.
  14. I have 2 questions about this, I would be glad if you answer. @Mathijs Kok *Will we wait tomorrow for the update ? *Are we going to need to do what we did in developer mode after the update? (I'm talking about deleting files starting with m)
  15. I am having the same and also many problems. There are problems that I know of that I quoted above. Also, although it is not written in this message, the skins are definitely broken.
  16. I have some problems too. I hope there will be an update to include them. Here is what I quickly noticed. I tried deleting and reinstalling once but trying to help again. * I cannot supply electricity because the EFB is not working. *HUD was initially left on. After deleting and installing it won't open at all. *All lights start in the lit position. *No controls are working. (Saitek yoke and throttle *Some keys are non-functional. Fuel pump, APU etc. Update; I think, The plane is only loaded as a model. Front wheel facing left. As in the first posts, activities are not active.
  17. It is very simple, and very hard. I have visited several forums but asobo has never commented on this situation. I guess they ignore it.
  18. Thanks for the answer. So, what about the talks with asobo on this issue? Could you give us some information? This subject is everyone's curiosity.
  19. Actually, I was thinking of opening the same issue. @Mathijs KokWe would be very happy if you comment on this. Will the radars be active anymore?
  20. @JRBarrettThere is another issue that I noticed. When I press load on the simulator 2 times in a row, the trim setting and balance points change. Should I press install once or twice in this case?
  21. @JRBarrettYes. I noticed that the plane was shaking. But I thought it was fuel. All I have to do is fill the EFB as before and press enter. And pressing upload to the simulator. Is it correct?
  22. @JRBarrett I have a problem too. It is similar to the topic but I am not sure to open another topic. My problem is this. I make everything zero from EFB. However, only the fuel is zero in the simulator. Payload does not change at all. I do everything fully to try it later. But I do not observe stable changes. For example, the front cargo is full but in the simulator, about 1 in 6 looks full. Is this a known issue? Thanks.
  23. The update has been released and a short flight of flights has been made. This issue seems to have been resolved. At least I didn't have any problems during the flight. Glad it's published so quickly. Here I want to say thank you @Hans Hartmann. I realized how much effort he had taken from the answers he wrote yesterday.
  24. @Tom A320 As I said before, I have read all of them. However, it does not specify a period of time. What I really want to ask is are we going to wait until next week?
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