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  1. It proves at least one thing that Hans did a good job of developing the CRJ because the plane reacts very well with this kind of weather data problem
  2. Nice , thank you FoxtrotOstrich and Noclue
  3. Hallo Michael Warum nicht mit dem CRJ550/700 warten auf die B737 von PMDG?
  4. Hi, your message is in French so I imagine you are, ask for help on the French forum "Flight pilote" there are FS2020 specialists
  5. Hello Chrislux To activate the autopilot the following requirements need to be fulfilled: • All flight control computers (FCC) are operative • At least one channel of horizontal trim is available • At least one yaw damper is engaged • At least one IRS system is available • At least one air data computer (ADC) is available • No significant instability of the aircraft
  6. hi Chrislux is the flight director engaged?
  7. hi there are always discontinuity in a flight plan, this is normal, you have to delete them manually
  8. I confirm the same problem for me
  9. hallo Marcel, ich sehe keine Route auf deiner ND, hast du einen Flugplan eingegeben?
  10. Hello Dude

    Are the displays in the cockpit of the crj 900/1000 cathode ray tubes like on the 700/550?



  11. hi everyone Will it be possible in a future update of the Crj550 / 700 to use directly via the tablet Navigraph and Simbrief?
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