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  1. The pause bug was already discussed here several times - pausing the sim (not active pause) leads to a massive performance drop afterwards. Did you pause the game with escape key right before this happened? Aerosoft acknowledged that there was an issue with pause. This is intermittent for me, I have had it a few times (~3-4 times). Try to avoid pausing with ESC key.
  2. oisk

    Loss of power

    There is a bug which causes the plane's performance to drop massively if you use the pause function (escape key). It has been mentioned here that Aerosoft is looking into it. It seems to be intermittent, I have not had it since the update. Try to avoid pausing the sim.
  3. finally.....I just updated from the marketplace. On a test flight I took off and flow around a bit. I did an ILS approach to return home, although everything looked great initially, the aircraft lost the glide slope and dropped below it even though speed was ok. Not sure if that was a new issue or I did something wrong...
  4. I read on the MSFS forum that it took 2 weeks for another aircraft
  5. I would consider buying the CRJ again if Aerosoft offered a discount (like 50% off) for people who can prove that they bought the CRJ elsewhere already.
  6. You need to export the file from Simbrief and place it in the CRJ directory. You then load it in the FMS from the cockpit. There is no direct download from Simbrief like the FBW A320. There are some YouTube tutorials, just do a search.
  7. Hello Aerosoft I regret purchasing the CRJ from the game Sim Market Next time I'll buy straight from the Aerosoft website. Is there any work around imaginable to enable the ASUpdater.exe to update the sim market purchased version of the aircraft? I have ASUudater from another purchase, could I edit the xml file to add the CRJ to get the update that way? I read on the flightsimulator.com forum that it can take weeks for the updates to arrive in the sim market. Thank you for your great product.
  8. I use Windows Defender. So, if I disable Windows Defender and reinstall from the simmarket it should work? I don't even have an Aerosoft directory in my Documents. Would the AV software not have just deleted the .exe file and left the directory?
  9. The ASUpdater is not installed on my system. Not under the links given here, I also searched c:/ without finding anything. I have the steam version, bought in the sim market.
  10. I noticed this too - appreciate it if someone knows a way to change an approach/STAR without having the manually remove the waypoints.
  11. First of all, I love this plane, it's a fantastic product and a really enjoy using it. Zero regrets with my purchase (you guys have I'm have worked hard on it, so I wanted to say this). This really looks like a bug. When the aircraft is in a steady climb without any issues, if I hit pause (escape key) the then unpause, the aircraft IMMEDIATELY begins to lose altitude and speed without any change to settings whatsoever. It's not related to speed control or VS or speed mode. The change is sudden and dramatic. If I know how to make of a video of it I would. I had the issue twice
  12. completely sure. Max power, in a rapid descent and still the speed dropping. Without spoiler, flaps, gear deployed. I just tried again to recreate this, to try the "/" key - but it did not happen just now, even though it happened earlier today. I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. Like I wrote - escape key. Not active pause.
  14. I just tried again - this time I disconnected my throttle quadrant and used the mouse to control throttle. I started a climb to FL390 using TOGA power in speed mode at Mach 0.77. At FL340 I was achieving about 800ft per minute, a good rate of climb. I hit escape to pause and then I unpause by pressing resume - immediately I start losing speed and altitude, without changing any settings. The plane continues to drop, I can only slow the loss of altitude by going to max power, but still I cannot climb. This time, the flaps and spoilers did not deploy - so I guess the deployment of
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