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  1. wondering the same, I will hold off on getting for 900/1000 for now, hopefully they fix these issues. The advisory VNAV is also really wonky (incorrect) sometimes.
  2. it looks like (if I got it right) Edwardpilot is flying the CRJ 900 beta on Twitch today - his stream is about to start. https://www.twitch.tv/edwardthepilot
  3. Mathijs, this is interesting. Thank you for the insight. Could you explain a little what kind of work goes into adjusting the flight model for the longer -900/1000 variants? I think the community would be really interested to know how this work is done and what changes (I would feel even better about my purchase ).
  4. I flew in and out of EDDM this weekend - the number of CRJ7/9/X's in operation there was just unbelievable, the CRJ definitely outnumbered Airbus and Boeing aircraft. I was nice to see a busy EDDM again, even though the vast majority of aircraft were small short hop jets. Looking forward to the CRJ9.
  5. true....the MSFS PMDG DC-6 will be out on Friday, so that will give us something to do
  6. I wonder if we will get a release with the World Update on Thursday?
  7. amazing. This is great. Well done. I'll be needing my 3090 I guess
  8. Hello Aerosoft team, Apparently (according to this YouTube video), Asobo has enabled heat blur for APU in the SDK. Any chance this could be added to the CRJ 550/700 or 900/1000 ? That would be really nice! Thank you
  9. I'm tempted to buy this Airport, but the runway colouring looks very unrealistic. Any plan to fix this? Review here:
  10. Thank you very much Simware, good suggestion! A resource of recommended or suggested bindings online for common controllers and aircraft would be nice. Pity such a thing does not seem to exist. It would be a good addition to Flightsim.to or another similar website. I have many different profiles for different controllers and aircraft! LOL
  11. That solved my problem, thank you! As far as I can see, there is no switch in the cockpit which is switched off with that button, so I was not able to find it. This is probably a sim thing.
  12. yes - Button #8 (AP) is bound to "TOGGLE AUTOPILOT MASTER"
  13. Hello, I would appreciate it if someone could please post screen grabs of their key bindings for the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. The throttle axis is working fine for me, but when I have the Bravo plugged in, I cannot engage AP. When I unplug the Bravo, AP works again. I'm sure there are several things which could be optimised in my settings, I am currently using the default settings. (I also have the alpha). Appreciate your help, thank you. p.s. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a profile file which you could download from here or flightsim.to and load into MSFS? That would save lots of hassle.
  14. Fantastic, thank you! I hope MS does not take forever to place the update in the sim store.
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