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  1. this is a great review, I hope all things get addressed quickly (unlike the CRJ, where we still see so many bugs...)
  2. Q1 2023? Just joking! Looking forward to it in Q1 2022 (I hope)
  3. @Mathijs Kok So are we 100% sure that the Twotter will not release before Christmas, or is there still a chance?
  4. Hopefully the Aerosoft Twin Otter works better than this one
  5. I just hope it's a good addon after all this waiting. I know the models look fairly nice, and the manual will be good apparently, but I hope the flight characteristics are convincing too. I am hoping for something of the fidelity of a Just Flight product and not Carenado product. The Milviz PC-6 is a hell of a lot better than the Asobo (free!) PC-6. There is really no comparison, and the Milviz PC-6 is not even finished. I hope the Aerosoft Twotter is not like the Asobo PC-6, I think it was done by the same people.
  6. yeah, my mistake. I realise now that there are no models included. Thanks.
  7. I got AIG working with VATSIM today...it's great! (really great) But there are lots of missing models, A340, A330, 757 etc. etc.. are missing. Can I use Aerosoft Simple Traffic to supplement the model list? I'd buy it if that would work...anyone here doing that?
  8. I have always had many many problems with the CRJ AP.....lately however, I always empty my community folder before setting out with the CRJ. I leave in airports/sceneries, but I remove all other aircraft and mods. Since I do this, have had far fewer problems. Could it be that something was screwing with the autopilot? Does this explain why some have huge problems and some do not? Nonetheless, sometimes when I engage AP in ALT mode, it pitches up to the point that it will stall the aircraft, I only engage AP in a climb or in a descent....Also, the FD refuses to work sometimes, it just shows incorrect info. There are a few other issues too, but by and large it's mostly useable. I find that the Aerosoft CRJ is a lovely aircraft....absolutely lovely, but it's such a pity that Aerosoft has not taken the time to fix the last remaining issues. I feel that their lack of attention to these fixes has really hurt their reputation. The CRJ is almost a fantastic addon, almost....come on Aerosoft.
  9. @Mathijs Kok Please add this to the list of improvements for the next CRJ release. The description above explains how an IRL CRJ handles a rwy change during the arrival.
  10. @JasonmCork you should check out Captain Scam Sim. They might suit you just fine
  11. Oh different flight models? Had the flight model been improved?
  12. Thanks, good to know. I'll try it then. Feature complete jet airliner then
  13. Thanks Mathijs, glad to hear, please keep us posted on the progress with the update.
  14. True, it was still SU5 (just before SU6 dropped). You think SU6 fixed some stuff on the CRJ, maybe. if so, Mathijs Kok should tell us that. I have no desire to waste a few hours trying it out to see if the bugs are gone. I would love to fly a working CRJ, it's a great addon for a really fair price, I commend Aerosoft for this, without the CRJ we wouldn't have any airliners in MSFS at all. But the bugs are just a deal breaker for me right now.
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