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  1. Thanks, good to know. I'll try it then. Feature complete jet airliner then
  2. Thanks Mathijs, glad to hear, please keep us posted on the progress with the update.
  3. True, it was still SU5 (just before SU6 dropped). You think SU6 fixed some stuff on the CRJ, maybe. if so, Mathijs Kok should tell us that. I have no desire to waste a few hours trying it out to see if the bugs are gone. I would love to fly a working CRJ, it's a great addon for a really fair price, I commend Aerosoft for this, without the CRJ we wouldn't have any airliners in MSFS at all. But the bugs are just a deal breaker for me right now.
  4. Well said....but what about the altitude hold or descend bug? This causes the plane to climb when it should hold or descend. Check out TheFlyingFabio's twitch stream from earlier this week.....if Aerosoft responded and said what he did wrong and explained how to avoid this I'd be happy, but I have the same problems as Fabio. He said live on stream: It's as if Aerosoft just released this to make money and didn't bother to fix the bugs (I paraphrased). Skip forward to after TOD, or to the arrival, he was forced to hand fly the SID into Split. stream is here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1181039320
  5. Will there be any improvements to the 550/700? I'd like to see the autopilot improved before I consider buying. For example, Theflyingfabio's twitch stream this week in the CRJ was a shambles, he was very unhappy with how it performed.
  6. I think you should support VATSIM model matching....one of the issues in MSFS is poor model matching. Anyone using VATSIM would buy this.
  7. With a 3090 at 4k Ultra you can achieve those fps if you are not near the ground..... The GPU to generate 4k Ultra @60fps near the ground has not been invented yet. The 4090 is coming in ~Nov 2022, maybe that will do it!
  8. It was about 50Mbit or so (1Gbit connection). It's fine, but multiple gigs take a while to come down at 50Mbit.
  9. We don't mind the wait as long as it continues to improve. The prop animation looked pretty poor in the last YouTube video, I hope that wasn't the final animation. The new Junkers from Asobo looks really nice
  10. No worries. All good now, thanks. Though the download speed could really be better....Orbx Direct is so much faster. But at least it's working
  11. Hello - I would appreciate some help. Thank you. I am trying to install my Aerosoft airports, using Aeroeoft One for the first time. When I click install I get "There was en error retrieving the add-on data". I get this same message for all add ons. I tried uninstall and reinstall, but that did not change anything. When I look in the log file, I see the following: [2021-09-30T14:53:23.847Z] [info] [renderer] Staging add-on for install: "msfsSteam" - "AS15187" - "release" - "" [2021-09-30T14:53:23.848Z] [info] [renderer] Checking if add-on "AS15187" for game "msfsSteam" is already installed by an installer... [2021-09-30T14:53:23.863Z] [info] [renderer] Did not find an existing installation by an installer of add-on "AS15187" for game "msfsSteam". [2021-09-30T14:53:23.864Z] [info] [renderer] Attempting to download install data for product: "AS15187" [2021-09-30T14:53:23.923Z] [error] [renderer] Error downloading install data for: "AS15187". Error: certificate has expired [2021-09-30T14:53:24.649Z] [info] [renderer] Clearing staged for install product.
  12. Is the pause bug still not fixed? It's been there since day 1
  13. There has also been a significant downgrade to graphics quality (various changes i.e. "pop-in", blury, shadows, clouds etc..etc...) don't just take my word for it, there are heaps of posting and videos online. This mostly affects people who have powerful computers (3090 and such) who had been playing on ultra and didn't really have an fps problem. Also, in VR the downgrade is even more pronounced. And then there's the CTDs.
  14. I wish we could wake up from and realise that SU5 was just a dream (actually a nightmare). Bring back SU4.
  15. amazing. This is great. Well done. I'll be needing my 3090 I guess
  16. Hello Aerosoft team, Apparently (according to this YouTube video), Asobo has enabled heat blur for APU in the SDK. Any chance this could be added to the CRJ 550/700 or 900/1000 ? That would be really nice! Thank you
  17. I'm tempted to buy this Airport, but the runway colouring looks very unrealistic. Any plan to fix this? Review here:
  18. Thank you very much Simware, good suggestion! A resource of recommended or suggested bindings online for common controllers and aircraft would be nice. Pity such a thing does not seem to exist. It would be a good addition to Flightsim.to or another similar website. I have many different profiles for different controllers and aircraft! LOL
  19. That solved my problem, thank you! As far as I can see, there is no switch in the cockpit which is switched off with that button, so I was not able to find it. This is probably a sim thing.
  20. yes - Button #8 (AP) is bound to "TOGGLE AUTOPILOT MASTER"
  21. Hello, I would appreciate it if someone could please post screen grabs of their key bindings for the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant. The throttle axis is working fine for me, but when I have the Bravo plugged in, I cannot engage AP. When I unplug the Bravo, AP works again. I'm sure there are several things which could be optimised in my settings, I am currently using the default settings. (I also have the alpha). Appreciate your help, thank you. p.s. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a profile file which you could download from here or flightsim.to and load into MSFS? That would save lots of hassle.
  22. Looks great! Any chance of release before end of May?
  23. The pause bug was already discussed here several times - pausing the sim (not active pause) leads to a massive performance drop afterwards. Did you pause the game with escape key right before this happened? Aerosoft acknowledged that there was an issue with pause. This is intermittent for me, I have had it a few times (~3-4 times). Try to avoid pausing with ESC key.
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