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  1. I have spent the best part of a week researching the different aircrafts available and after owning the Wilco 737, I decided I wanted to purchase the Aerosoft Airbus X 320, which I did yesterday. I always fly with a main monitor and a smaller side monitor which I use for some of the instrument panels. After starting the A320 I tried every which way to drag instruments across to the second monitor, but without any luck. This must be in the instructions I thought to myself, but no. Then I began to despair, surely Aerosoft have not developed a machine that does not even have this facility... no it must be me, yes? So, can someone please explain how I can do this, 'cos it's driving me mad... I know it will be something simple... won't it?
  2. Unsure whether I replied Shaun. Thank you very much for the info... sorted!
  3. Hiya, sorry for the delay in responding. Not sure, I have had other issues since then that I have been trying to resolve. I will test and see. Thanks...
  4. Just to let you know, I got rid of the GTX 460 and instantly had no BSOD after running with and Asus 58501gb card... not sure if you agree, but to me that's proof that the Nvidia card is incompatible with the GigabyteGA-EX58-UD3R motherboard.
  5. Yes, me too! Malaga airport.... and don't forget the San Miguel factory!!!! It would make for some great flying... Barcelona, Madrid, down to Gibraltar, across to Faro then up to Lisbon, not to mention the great scenery in between... yes, please!
  6. Hi guys, thanks all the the information and letting me share your own experiences! I think together we've discovered the crunch to this issue that I have seen plagued around the internet. I am a newbie to forums and to FSX, so I'm not up to speed with all the abbreviations and techno speak, but I do have a logical head on my shoulders and by the process of elimination, I think I'm right in saying that it's a good way of dealing with problems you cannot fathom. Today I have come to the same conclusion as you guys.... the GTX 460 has some incompatible issue with the Gigabyte motherboards. I have also seen this suggested elsewhere. I may be wrong, but I hope not. So today I arrived at the computer store, not PC World, but a highly respected and dedicated bunch of guys, where I arrived to collect my kit. I had already reinstalled FSX after having reformatted the drive, run registry cleaner, antivirus and adaware, booted in safe mode and then installed latest drivers... but as you may know this was all to no avail. Today I decided FSX would have it's own Sata drive with it's own XP operating system with absolutely nothing else sharing the drive, no IE no antivirus, nothing! New drivers for GPU, new Bios for motherboard, reboot, fly FSX and then..... S..T The bloody BSOD, again !!!!!!!! OK, this must surely now have eradicated any software issue, It has to be the GTX460, but hang on, this was the second card we were trying, yes, it can surely be only the motherboard incompatibility issue I have been reading so much about, can't it? Well, the techie working on this problem is going to replace the 460 with a Radeon 5850, to see how it performs. I hope this works, otherwise I will be giving up on FSX as I won't know which way to turn! I will be checking this out on Wednesday so stay tuned and I'll let you guys know the outcome. If it runs OK, then surely this must be the final, unequivical evidence of the Gigabyte's incompatibility with the GTX460, I hope so, because it will then mean I can get on with some decent flying!! watch this space.... Apologies if any of my observations are incorrect, contentious or laughable! Bear with me, I'm a newbie!! Windows XP 32bit, FSX, i7 950 @ 3.07Ghz, 4Gb Ram (3Gb), Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R with onboard audio, Corsair TX650
  7. Hi Snave, thanks again for the input. Just so I can summarise the situation. I am in the hands of the tech guys at the store as I think they have got the challenge between their teeth and so want to sort it out as much as I do! So far, after being here, I went over to the store today and they asked me to sit in with them... they have replaced the original card with another, just in case it was a bum card. I know you said it is likely to be a software issue, but we were just eliminating any cause, no matter how unlikely. Then we uninstalled everything on the drive, which is a dedicated Sata drive only for FSX. So we were left with a complete blank canvas, with no FSX or add ons. We did this after uninstalling all the add ons, scenery, aircraft etc. We then rebooted and installed default FSX and then installed Service pk 1, rebooted and installed Service pk 2, rebooted and started a flight.... guess what?..... One minute into the flight , bang the darn BSOD!!!!!! So, a brand new install of FSX, with no add ons, after the graphic card had been installed and still the same problem. Sheesh... I spoke to the techie about the RAM and he said, yes there is 4G of RAM but XP only recognises 3G (we know), to have matching RAM you need either 2 or 4 Windows XP service pk3 on drive C with operating system, F drive dedicated for FSX, i7 950 CPU, 650W Corsair PU, 3 (4)G RAM. They are now going to wipe the dedicated drive and install a brand new XP OS, followed by FSX, so the operating system and FSX will both share their own drive together, with nothing else on it whatsoever. If this test works, I will simply have a drawer system where I swap from my day to day drive that I use for business, to the dedicated drive that has FSX on it, along with it's own operating system.... that's the story so far, whadya think?
  8. Hi Snave, ahh OK, Sure it's XP with Service Pk3, FSX with SP1 and SP2 (not acceleration) The guys at the store have been trying to sort things out for me all yesterday afternoon! I guess it needs someone like yourself who understands FSX to offer advice. They have had no joy so have replaced the card! I feel in my water that is not the problem so I will begin with your suggestions later this afternoon. Thanks again for your advice...
  9. Hey man, blimey, you certainly sound as though you know your stuff! OK, let me apologise for not mentioning that I am running XP and not 7. This is only my second time on a forum and I have only been into FSX for three months, so bear with me, we all have to start somewhere! I was hoping to have had the PC returned to me this evening, it looks like I will have to have it tomorrow. I will then try and follow your instructions. Thanks again for your time and hopefully I will have a result before too long, cheers.
  10. Hi Snave, thanks for replying so quickly and apologies if I sound a little frantic! I have to own up to not being too clued up with certain computer jargon and there lies my problem. So please bear with me... What is the old FSX. cfg card reference? FSX has not been changed since installing the 460. The two pin power connectors, have not checked as the machine is with a techie at the moment. Aplogies Snave, but rebuild the shader model? As for cleaning the driver, I used DH Driver clean professional. I uninstalled the original driver, rebooted in safe mode, ignored windows trying to install it's own drivers, I then ran driver cleaner, rebooted windows in safe mode again and then finally installed the drivers. The problem persists...
  11. Aplogies if I am posting in the wrong section of this forum but, PLEASE, PLEASE somebody help! I'm at my wits end. I've become completely obsessed with FSX over the past few months and as such have spent far more money that I should, or could afford. I decided from the start that I was not going to play around with overclocking or change anything that may compromise the operating system, as I wanted to try and avoid any possible problems (ironic.) As such I have a pretty good rig, Intel i7 950 processor, with 4Gb RAM, 650W power unit, FS running off it's own Sata drive and I have recently upgraded from a Nvidia 9600 GT to the new GTX 460, and here is my problem! I began a flight after having had the new card installed and within one minute of flying the whole thing crashed to a blue screen. I have now uninstalled the driver using a driver clean tool, reinstalled in safe mode and have done this three times and still have not eradicated the problem. I have tried various drivers, including the latest beta driver and that was a joke, simply had no picture to speak of at all! I find it incomprehensible that, bearing in mind that I am not alone, that Nvidia cannot simply offer an explanation which can put an end to this outrage... and I use the word outrage with due consideration, after I've paid £180 for what seems to be a useless upgrade! Please can someone help...
  12. Hi guys, first of all let me thank you for producing such a fantastic product as the Discus. I have had many hours of enjoyment on my XC's! However, I have found myself becoming increasingly involved with FSX and because of that have expanded my enjoyment by using lots of add ons. The issue I am concerned with, is while flying above Walter Sutton's airstrip ( FTX Orbx add on airport) I suddenly became aware of a very annoying aspect of the vario. As the vario was 'singing' while gaining any height, there was a very audible background sound that almost sounded like a steam train which was in rythym with the sound of the vario! You could clearly hear the vario but there was this irritating sound going on in the background! I look forward to the possibility of someone knows the answer! Thanks...
  13. I hope someone can sort this out for me, because I am very angry and frustrated at the moment! I am a newbie to flight sims, but within the past couple of months I have tried to digest as much info as possible from all the forums. I run XP with FSX service pk 1 & 2, with an i7 950, 4G RAM, and a Nvidia Gforce 9600 GT. Also with REX 2 installed. Now I thought that this was a pretty good rig! Here's my issue... I have autogen and scenery complexity set at normal, with all the other sliders at about 70%. So, approaching Heathrow and I can't see the darn runway, it's just a blur and most of the buildings are the same. Once I get almost on top of the airport, and I mean almost on top, the whole airport suddenly appears. Now, my issue is that I am preparing myself for developers to tell me that it has been designed that way to be friendly on computer memory or that someone will tell me that i need to slide the autogen and detail radius sliders up, but as an experiment I have tried that but with little success. It only happens with Heathrow. Can someone please shed some light on this for me. Thanks in anticipation...
  14. Hi, hope someone can help with this question, that has probably been asked many times, so bare with me as I am a newbie! I have just installed Austria Professional X by Flugwerk and would like to purchase the Aerosoft Approacj=hing innsbruck add on. Question is, will there be any conflict between the two add ons? Help and wisdom would be very much appreciated, thanks.
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