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  1. Will be an unofficial hotfix only for DX10 fixer users don't use if you are using normal fsx or you will have problems thanks also to Oliver Pbast for quick fix solution. But those files will be not distribuited in the official version but only as fix for users with this iussue. It's just a courtesy that we wanted to do to help a user. Officially mods will not be supported because they can cause problems with the normal operation of the simulator.
  2. Is the same build number so i don't know if they will send yo u notification but probably they already have if you want to try, i can't check cause mine is here and is already the fixed installer
  3. Now you should have in your account a fixed installer let me know if is all good Regards
  4. I've asked to the department that do installers to take a look thanks for feedback regards
  5. Should be around 200 mb less cause we have edited the sat in a different way removing hard winter season not present in this area and we have optimized some texture is a full installer you have to remove the previous version. Let me know if you need any help Regards
  6. Mi fa piacere che tu abbia risolto Buona serata Happy you fixed Regards
  7. In case you can't fix in any way suggested try to rename the file inside Bergamo scenery folder LIME_LIB-Jetways.Bgl in Is strange cause the script works perfectly but seem that your control j jetways are still present. Let me know if works
  8. I'm pretty sure that there is not a DVD version of the professional version is not maybe you are talking about the old Bergamo for fsx ? In this case is a different product from another developer. You are entitled to have a discount for the new one and we are going to release a fsx version too .
  9. Seem that gpoly and terminal are not loaded can you show your p3d config
  10. Hi sorry if I reply only now I'll check the area and we will fix as soon as possible with next update. Regards
  11. I agree with you now I've a bit of flu but I'll start to fix asap thanks again for tips Regards
  12. Hi thanks for tips I've installed orbx and I'm looking at the iussue you have found for sure I'll work to a version fitting better with Orbx colours. Unfortunately the hard winter is not well rendered in this area from open lc but I'll try to make my sat matching better. Regards
  13. We have asked to make a discount to old costumers of previous LIME, like other are explaining is a full new scenery done from 0 but we are a different developement team so we can't do more. I wish you understand
  14. Sorry for the iussue probably is the latest Windows 10 update that has changed rw permission inside program files x86 folder now we are looking to fix it Regards
  15. Look inside scenery folder and look for a file called LIME_lib-jetways.bgl and delete it so you should have only the sode version. Thanks for tip let me know if is working Regards
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