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  1. I love this paint! any chance for a sharklet NEO version?
  2. sexyness as always Holgi!! Thank you.
  3. Outstanding work. Love Pan Am.
  4. Would like to see this one on the A320 please! no rush. Starflyer
  5. cocob

    Some Requests

    Sweet! Looks Great. Wish there were more high quality middle eastern scenery for fsx.
  6. sweet! Nice paint. could be a reality soon in the AA fleet we will see.
  7. hey Holgi could you please create this one? these colors would be perfect.
  8. Would like to see this paint too! hopefully soon. N587NK (Spirit of Jamaica) ,N588NK
  9. looking great! can't wait to fly her in Hawaiian colors!
  10. Sweet! Thank You Holgi.
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