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  1. The N1 of take-off trust don't reaches the target,is about 10% inferior.Is a macroscopic error!!!This bug appear from the version 1.00 and still don't fixed. P.S.I have installed the Acceleration pack but the problem remain. Cristiano Bonfiglioli
  2. Sorry,but with 1.20 the problem with N1 still when take-off.Is inferior about 10% of indicated.For me is a big problem for short runway. P.s.After take-off the N1 accellerate to target.I don't have the acceleration pack installed for your interest..The plane return in hangar:angry: Cristiano Bonfiglioli
  3. Sorry Bob but in the first picture the error is N1 in 84% climb mode.The power engines must be in 96% for max target.
  4. Hello,the cost index change the target of N1,the problem is that the engine don't arrived to N1 target on display.I have tryed the C.I.from 50 to 130 values without success. Cristiano
  5. The problem is also for take-off situation where the engines don't reaches the N1 target(flex and max TO).The difference is 20% from target. After take-off the power increase 10% but is not normal. Cristiano
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