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  1. Hi Shaun, Why did I not think of that Mmmmmm. Gigabyte.
  2. Hello, I have purchased Mega airport Budapest, named as Ferihegy LHBP. On going to Navigraph for airport data etc., the airport is named Liszt Ferenc, apparently it has been chaanged to the latter name. In view of this I would have presumed that Aerosoft and in particular Andras Kozma would be aware of this change. I think care in the future should be taken in getting names right. regards Gigabyte.
  3. Hello Bernd and Otto, No disrespect to either of you but I am waiting for a response from a representative from Aerosoft as my Post was centred on them and their answer will have a more positive aspect and put the matter one way or the other to rest. regards. gigabyte.
  4. Hello, I seldom post in this Forum and you will understand why. I recently purchased German Airports3- Hamburg,Bremen,Berlin Tegel,Paderborn and Lubeck for FSX and I feel they are quite satisfactory for flying purposes, however, I now see that this product is going to be reproduced as German Airports3 2012. This in my opinion is a blatant rip off by Aerosoft and I have seen other airports updated to 2012 when the previous versions are adequate. Plus, I wish Aerosoft would cease using Limesim developers as I feel their latest product Detroit Cities is a disaster. If this anomaly continues, then I am OFF. Gigabyte.
  5. Hello Otto, that is a very negative answer, my question was, is it KDET or KDTW - simple. Gigabyte.
  6. Hello, Try as I might but after purchasing this new Detroit City download I am not sure which airport this is as ther is no mention of any ICAO code. Is it KDET or KDTW. Please verify. Gigabyte.
  7. Hello, I dont know how far back I have to scroll to find this Airport in the Forum, however I purchased this product which is Version 3.10 and in viewing the Tampa website I saw they had updated the airport to Version 3.20 but on going to Aerosoft update section to get the update it was not available. Does Aerosoft not collaborate with Tampa on issues such as this one. Many thanks. Gigabyte.
  8. Further to above, when Preview Directx.10 is disabled, the PMDG MD11 leading edge wings and engine fans become multi coloured, when enabled, the aircraft returns to normality. I am only making a suggestion here but I think the Preview issue is a problem that Aerosoft will have to look into regarding the ENGM as previously stated it does not arise in their other Mega Airports as far as my system is concerned. Gigabyte.
  9. Hello Jo, thanks for your reply. I did as you suggested and the problem went away. However, I am disappointed that the Directx.10 has to be switched off for this airport, bearing in mind that as far as being in the Mega class it must be at the bottom of the pile as airports such as EHAM EDDF AND EGLL to name a few all work with Directx.10 enabled. The inconvenience is, remembering to switch off before using ENGM. I hope Aerosoft take cognicence of this post for future reference. Gigabyte.
  10. Hello Shaun, recently I had to reinstall FSX and other software including Aerosoft Mega airports EHAM, EBBR, EDDF, ESSA. All installed no problems, today I took delivery of KBOS and ENGM(Oslo) CD versions. KBOS installed OK. on installing Oslo and opening sim at Oslo active runway threshhold the runway had large portions of black shading which was tearing and the FSX vehicles were just blobs of black or white undefined cars and lorries. I un-installed and reinstalled but the problem remained. In view of the fact that this software is the only one giving problems, bearing in mind I am no expert on these matters, I feel there is a fault in downloading to CD on the production side, other than that, can you please advise. Both airports have been registered. Many thanks. Gigabyte.
  11. Hi Shaun, Thanks very much for that heartening reply, I will have to work on my patience. richard welsh.
  12. Hi Jerry, thanks for your interest, but I forgot to mention it is the boxed CD I have which one would have thought would be easier to install and uninstall. I will try and be patient for a support email to arrive. richard welsh.
  13. Hi Jerry, this is coming from a frustrated customer. I have the Mega airport Frankfurt FS2004/FSX, FSX loaded OK, but try as I might, the FS9 version does not install in full i.e. the airport. In the scenery library all I get is EDDF 2008, EDDF 2008LC and Aeslitefor GAP EDDF08. I have W7 64bit in Admin rights. In the control panel it shows Frankfurt installed but the AesHelp icon cannot find the airport either. The info I have given was sent to Support but as yet no reply. Many thanks. richard welsh.
  14. Hello, I realise this General Discussion forum does not give support answers but could someone please inform me as to how long it can take for the SUPPORT SECTION to answer support Email, bearing in mind that I have an Aerosoft product which cannot install without the support answers. This may sound trivial but it has a bearing on whether I continue purchasing Aerosoft products. richard welsh.
  15. Hi everyone, just joined this Forum. Having read the product page - systems - it states use Navigraph database but your product is not listed in the Navigraph FMS page as are other developers products, so where does data come from. I would have thought that a competant company as Aerosoft would have gone the full hog and installed the necessary FMS program in full maybe to the deletion of something less important. Gigabyte.
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