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  1. It makes more sense to have it on lever 3 and 4 since you want a gap between the speedbrakelever and your throttle. true, but unfortunately a "toggle" command is very unpredictable in X-plane . and does not account for the fact that you might do changes to levers and buttons from within the sim and not only from the hardware , so hat is why you would want some other "check"-value o compare your commands with. also true , but not really realistic on a 737 to push throttles forward to get more reverse thrust , although you are correct regarding the "IDLE" reverse , to get it more consistent to a normal idle reverse you can use the toggle command as you mention .. just compare it to the actual position or the reverse , and then you will get rid of your bug You would use FULL/max reverse on a slippery runway for example or a short one depending on the situationa nd that is not an emergency .... anyway , I´m not bashing your comments I´m just saying there is always 15 different reasons for doing one thing or another =D
  2. Hi, When you start your Honey Comb configurator, can you select a bravo profile ? if you can . look on the top right in he window you will have a little slider where it says "LED" or something like that . slide that one and you will be ale to specify what and when should be illuminated. then just save and activate the profile -> start X-plane and your HC profile should be loaded up. So whatever configurations you set in the HC configurator should be active in Xplane .. you canot do any configurations in Xplane that will magically "appear" in the HC configurator. The settings you set in Xplane are only shown in Xplane ... not in the configurator check that out first
  3. her is how i got it solved , to simulate as close as possible with the limited ways the "real" way to operate the reversers. I show the screenshots for the settings here , if you want it uploaded as a profile let me know Flipping the reverser lever will set a "IDLE" -revers when under "PRESS-EVENT" - The condition is: "sim/cockpit2/annunciators/reverser_on". and for the Release Event it will be - "sim/cockpit2/annunciators/reverser_on" ....... for ENG REV 2 you will have to write "index = 1" And for the "DETENT" on the same lever you can set this , so when basically if you flip up the reverser levers you get "IDLE" reverse , and then if you pull harder down in the detent with the lever you will get FULL / MAX reverse. see this pictures to see the settings
  4. I made a slightly different solution for he Reversers then I seen posted around . so I can post later how I made it in the configurator. relatively straight forward .
  5. I changed the Gear lever function to: laminar/B738/switches/landing_gear and switch between value 0 = gearUp and 2 = GearDown
  6. hmm sounds a bit strange that you don´t have it in the plugin menu list at least
  7. just try to select the Alpha in the HC configurator and save a "empty" profile for the alpha , and it will create that file. and u get rid of that issue at least
  8. make sure HC recognise your correct installation path to your Xplane folder, then try to staret xplane and make sure you save and activate your current profile in HC for the Bravo or Alpha, what ever your are using , then go to plugin menu in xplane and choose bravo and "reload bindings" .. see if that works to start with.
  9. to make it sinmple it seems easier to spend a bit more time and make as many config /setup as possible in the HC configurator, then u dont have to have so many duplication and dependencies going on all the time , so the less u need in X-plane the easier it will be ( just takes slightly more time and tinkering to get it set up in HC but then it´s smooth sailing )
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