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Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant Template for the Zibo Mod 737. Import it via the Honeycomb Configurator (you need the latest version or use the local load function.


if you need further assistance, please check out the following videos



Not all buttons are mapped due to X-Plane providing a high level of flexibility within the GUI for assigning buttons and switches. Only those that aren't exposed or required conditions for more precise operation are mapped.


Please note this document was originally created by the Aerosoft team and I have simply 'borrowed' it to keep the level of information about this profile consistent with their approach.


I've created a couple of different types of button overlays. The second version is a @Hilversum4 design, to make it one piece and a bit more sturdy.






What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • No change to mappings
  • Added buttons overlay PDF and example picture showing placement

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Thanks for your profile. It looks very promising. But I received my Bravo throttle only yesterday and are still 'confused' so to say. 

Maybe you can help me with the following puzzle. After activating your ZIBO-mod profile I see within the X-plane 11 settings for various buttons:  do nothing, although they are assigned in your profile.

Are the settings, displayed in  X-plane the overall results or are the X-plane settings just another layer over your profile and will the program use the profile setting if the X-plane settings states: do nothing.

Response from the author:

Hi @Hilversum4,


Thanks for the review. The settings in the new configuration tool are completely separate to those that you can see in X-Plane. So looking at your controller in the X-Plane controller settings menu and seeing lots of 'Do Nothings' is actually a good thing. Otherwise when you press a button it would try to do both things mapped in X-Plane and the configurator at the same time. They would conflict.


In the background, this configurator runs as a plugin and you'll see it under the plugins menu within X-Plane. It is running the last profile that you activated. If you are struggling to get it working, I find loading the Zibo mod in at an airport gate first, then activating the profile in the configurator, and finally going into the X-Plane Plugins menu at the top of the screen > Honeycomb > 'Reload Bindings' for the Bravo will kick it into action.


Any button or axis not mapped in the configurator (see profile PDF for a list,) feel free to map in X-Plane itself. The two will work together to provide all the mappings you need.


Hope this helps, feel free to PM me or carry on in the comments tab if you need more info,




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Tobi Beh

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Thanks for That Profile! Works Great except for the Landing Gear Lever. Its upside down. Down is up and Up is down. I changed it in the honeycomb Software, Now it works Great!

Response from the author:

Thanks Tobi. That's really weird, I'm currently flying with it now and it's the right way round for me. Just double checked my JSON file with the one available for download and they're both the same.


Assigned to my down I have: laminar/B738/push_button/gear_down and assigned to my up I have laminar/B738/push_button/gear_up


If anyone else reports similar, I'll see if the Aerosoft team that made the tool know why this might be, can't think why it would be different for one vs another.



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