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  1. I use FSUIPC to bind the Bravo throttle quadrant, but am unable to find a variable here for the altitude setting knob. I get it to work for the other AP settings - noteably VS and Speed, although the NAV setting seems strange, but I think that is because pressing NAV more than once sets the AP differently - still trying to work that out. However the point here is that I can find no way of binding through FSUIPC for increase/decrease altitude using the normal way (left hand dial set to "select altitude bug" and the right hand dial set to plus/minus to increase/decrease appropriately). I believe that there is a way to do this using LVars mentioned above, but I think this is programming beyond me. If there is no way to change the behaviour of the simulation to resolve this, would it be at least possible to have the FSUIPC (and perhaps Axes and Ohs and spad as well) files/mapping made available to enable this for us non programming experts - or at least a dummies guide to doing this with some standard files that can be used? Thanks
  2. I believe the weather option becomes unavailable after loading a flight that has been saved with Live weather selected. I don't think this is the case if you are using a preset weather setting.
  3. I have similar issues. Working through the tutorial flight. When entering the passengers, cargo and fuel, strange things happen. If I use the arrow keys to change the numbers, I don't get values for the bottom section (ZFW/CG etc) matching the tutorial guide (vol. 3). If I type (with the onscreen keyboard) numbers into the boxes, I get different numbers again. If I then press Set Payload in Simulator, the numbers change and if I press it again, they change again. If I play around with this long enough (it seems very random), and press Set Payload in Simulator enough, I eventually get the numbers to match the tutorial guide. It all seems a bit odd. Once it matches the tutorial guide, it then seems fine - if I change the numbers and change them back, it all seems to work perfectly. Here is the tutorial guide screenshot: If I use the arrow keys, I can gte close, but not exactly the required numbers, but the CG seems a bit off - ZFW/CG 14.6% v 15.2% and CG 15.7% MAC v 16.2% MAC: If I type the numbers in exactly using the on screen keyboard, I get this - so similar, but not the same as the tutorial: If I now press Set Payload in Simulator, I get this - which has fundamentally changed - ZFW/CG is now 30.4% and CG is 29.8% MAC - and yet all weights look exactly the same: If I then press Set Payload in Simulator again, I now, somehow, get the correct values shown that exactly matches the tutorial guide: So something weird seems to be going on, unless I'm doing something fundamentally wrong - which I'm very prepared to believe!
  4. Great - thank you so much. That is a really helpful explanation!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Can you explain more what the bit I've quoted means. As there is no autothrottle, is the AP controlling pitch to manage the descent assuming the throttles are set to allow that? Your words on VNAV only make sense. I've seen a lot of comments on the MSFS forum about VNAV rapidly diving to get the to the next altitude step - but not sure what that really means.
  6. Total noob here, so please don't shoot me. Can anyone explain (or point me at an explanation) of how VNAV for the CRJ works and why/how this is different to Coupled VNAV? I understand that VNAV is advisory - so I think that means the descent is advised and you have to fly the plane to follow it - it won't do that automtically. And I think that is VNAV. However, in the EFB there is an option that says "Coupled VNAV available". I've searched the documentation and can't find anything to explain what this is or does and can't see enything in these forums, but I may well have missed it. If anyone is able to shed any light on this it would be much appreciated.
    Download link doesn't work in Chrome
  7. I can get most (but not all) things to work on the Alpha and Bravo. Lights seem an issue, and the NAV button works but doesn't light up (no idea why). I have used FSUIPC though for some of this. Should add that the selecting ALT on the rotary knob doesn't allow the AP altitude to be set either - but it does work for VS and HDG after a fashion. It's not ideal This thread in the official MSFS forums may provide some help https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/crj-and-honeycomb-issues/379545?u=gordongreig
  8. Yes, had the same issue. Rebooted and removed other mods from community folder and it works fine now. I will try adding the mods back later, but suspect a restart after install was all that was needed
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