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  1. I am so sorry Moridin, I have been stupid busy with trying to start a new company and haven't visited the forums recently. I could show you what I have now, but with SU5 just released, and a patch due from Aerosoft any minute now, I'm not sure that will be at all helpful. But once the dust settles, if it turns out that everything still works as I previously stated, I'll be happy to share at that point. At this point I'm not even sure I remember how to fly the plane! Kev EDIT: Seems you managed to get at least as far as I did on your own, but unfortunately with no solution for the altitude issue. Oh, well, the more dedicated I've become to VR, the more I prefer using the mouse instead of hunting around blind for dials and buttons I can't see anyway.
  2. The transition occurs at like 28,700-something feet. But the best way to know when to do it is just realize that it happens between 28k and 29k feet, and monitor for when 290 kias and m0.74 are the same. Then you hit the button and should be ok. If you miss it, you can just hit the button when you notice, and adjust the requested climb speed to m0.74 and you should be good. Unless you've already gotten behind the power curve, which will involve a pretty radical intentional reduction in altitude until your speed comes back to those levels. Having said that, I have noticed that from time to time (at least pre-patch, not sure if the patch addressed this) to even maintain m0.74 required full power, as CLB was not enough. And that's with anti-ice off and the APU on, which I've been told gives the engines just a touch more oomph. Why that is, and whether or not that conforms to reality, is for someone older, smarter, and wiser than me to say.
  3. Here's the video I spoke of. It fixes everything except the altitude preselector, at least on the CRJ. It will work on other aircraft for that, too. It doesn't sound like anyone has come up with a solution to make the PSK work, but if I'm wrong about that, please let me (and everybody else) know ASAP. But for those of you who have bravos, this will get you setup properly. And, as every YouTuber in the history of mankind has always said, please like, comment, and subscribe! Seriously, it does help with "the algorithm" that makes your videos popular. If you have any questions (other than "How do I make the PSK work?") let me know, either here, or probably better for "the algorithm", in the comments section. KKT
  4. Hi folks- As of today, 5/31/21, I have literally everything working properly (except lights, they might be, but I haven't set or played with them yet), including setting the heading bug, the IAS bug, adjusting the vertical speed in VS mode, even the OBS for those of us (are there any?) who still use VORs to navigate. Everything, that is, except for being able to set the altitude as shown in @dchutch87's post above. Has anyone solved this problem? Is it a bug of some sort, or does it require a different setting than other aircraft, which the above setup works perfect for? I would SOOOO appreciate it if anyone out there can help me solve this particular problem. Incidentally, if you are having problems getting your bravo setup to the point that mine is, I can almost certainly help you at least get there, so just PM me and we'll make it happen. On the one hand, I'd prefer to do it over the phone, or even using MS Teams, so you can give me control of your computer (and no, I couldn't care less about your pron, as long as it's legal), but on the other, that doesn't help other folks. Then again, as long as we're not talking dozens and dozens, I can do it with everyone who needs it, or, even better, I think I'll make a YouTube video. That actually sounds like it might be best. I'll try to remember to let everyone know if/when that is complete. In the meantime, at the risk of repeating myself, if anyone can help me get the altitude preselect working, that would be fargin' awesome.
  5. @mopperle, so that worked, sort of. The flightplan was waiting for me exactly where you said it would be, so thanks again for that. However, it's not importing correctly. It's getting the STAR right (the plan I attempted had no SID), but instead of importing the airways, it just imported a series of direct to waypoints. Having stepped through the legs, and after correcting one disco, it APPEARS to be correct, but part of me is worried about missing (or at least potentially missing) some altitude or speed restriction or something of that nature. So, my questions are this: First, is it correctable. Second, if it IS correctable, does it matter? I imagine if it's running the proper flightplan, with all the restrictions and any other pertinent info, it really doesn't. And lastly, is it something that I'm doing wrong? It usually is LOL... Lastly, an interesting note. By doing it this way, it inserted some additional waypoints into the flightplan that essentially told the MCDU where to fly the plane in the event of a missed approach to be positioned to try again, something that I don't think my manually entering the flight plan data has done. But that's something that also may be my fault, I may not realize HOW to do that, know what waypoints to put in, or likely several other ways I could have inhibited that functionality. It never even occurred to me enough to realize that I was missing what might be important information. Upon analyzing that, I *really* like the idea of having that info available, not so much because we are going to use it in the sim (though, with real weather, we might), but because above all else, I crave realism. I set the time for the NAV systems to come online to realistic, even if it means I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the computer, because that is the level of realism I want. I am willing to make some VERY limited exceptions (like brightening up the HUD in VR, assuming such a thing is possible), because even though it may represent an unrealistic level of brightness compared to RL, the effect is MORE realism if it becomes usable during daylight hours. However, that is a whole different topic, but please don't let that stop you from commenting on it if you can. At any rate, thanks again for your support to date, and I'm hoping to hear your thoughts on my comments. And have a great day, wherever (or when ever) that may be!
  6. @mopperle Ahhhhh. Now that is some extremely useful info. So useful that I might need to delay my planned trip to bed just to check it out. TYVM!!
  7. @mopperle Thank you... Briefly... I go to simbrief and create a flight plan, which I then download into the default directory for the Aerosoft CRJ. When I go into "Pilot Flight Plans", or whatever the proper descriptor is in the MCDU, I can see AND import the flightplans I have created using that method, but the only thing that actually imports is the name of the flight... e.g. "QXE1392", or whatever carrier and flight number I'm doing that day. (I tend to always use "1392", that way I don't have to remember something different from flight to flight.) I'd bet lots of money that the problem lies somewhere in between MY ears, but I've tried over and over again, and have yet to get a different result. Do you, or does anyone who happens to read this, have any suggestions? I don't mind entering them manually, but especially when I'm in VR, since I can't see my simbrief OFB in the cockpit, I have to take off my headset. It's not the end of the world, obviously, but if I can figure out a way to do it without needing to do that, it would be better...
  8. @Hoffie3000Interesting. I wonder if that's something that's being worked on for the patch. I'd hate to spend gawd knows how many hours testing mods to try to track down a single offender, only to find out that was never the problem in the first place. I think if I just don't fly in WA or OR, I might just be good, and the world is much bigger than just those two states! So I'll give that a try for now, and see if the problem reoccurs. BTW, I'm looking for victims, er, um, I mean members for a new Discord Server I'm trying to get started. Would you care for an invite?
  9. When I download a plan generated by simbrief, it is not loading correctly. Before I get deep into details, I wanted to first check if this is the right place to ask about this, or if it's a Simbrief support issue? Thanks in advance! KKT
  10. I flew a flight today and checked out this screen, and the orange "warning colors" (at least I'm guessing that's what it means) were gone. The fuel predictions were WAAAAAY different than what Simbrief has, but that could be influenced by the fact that I was on the ground with the engines off when I checked. I intended to check in flight, but my sim crashed on me... there's a conflict between the CRJ, certain geographic locations, and a mod on my system, but I haven't managed to figure out which one. My current suspect is a freeware scenery of KPAE but that's not tested yet.
  11. Yeah, I'm bad about forgetting that. I just have to keep reminding myself until I drum it into my stubborn head to do it right! And then sometimes, when I remember to turn them off, I forget to turn them back on, which makes for some interesting landings. I know, I know, use the checklists. You're right. This, OTOH, is on purpose. I've had issues with the plane all of a sudden acting like someone stole a bunch of ponies from my engines, or covered the airframe in ice without leaving a visual trace. Suddenly, it will stop climbing and start descending, or if I'm at cruise already, it will start descending, even at max power. So I leave the APU running figuring it gives the engines just a bit of a power boost that might help should that happen again. In fact, it's my understanding that IRL some airlines have a policy of leaving the APU on until 10k' for exactly that reason. Of course, just because I read about it on the Internet, doesn't make it true. That's also why I limit my altitude to FL300 or below, when Simbrief wants to send me way up towards the ceiling of the aircraft. But as I've flown the plane more, I've gotten better at doing things the right way (except the reversers lol), so maybe the issue with stolen power was in fact something I was doing wrong that (hopefully anyway) I'm not anymore. I should give it a shot and see if the problem reoccurs. If it does, then after the patch comes out (which I understand should be shortly after SU4 which is 25 May, and a good birthday present for me), I'll try it again. And speaking of reversers, in the real world, for MOST aircraft, an in flight deployment of reversers is a death sentence for everyone on board, so plane builders do everything possible and many things that aren't to make sure that NEVER happens. I've never tried it on purpose with this guy, but since simulated death doesn't sting quite as much as actual death, maybe I will just to see what happens. I just love this airplane, in some ways it's like the Airbus, but with the Airbus, once you're cruising with George flying, you become a passenger. With this plane, you have to pay constant attention. That wouldn't work for say a transatlantic flight, but you can't do that with the CRJ to begin with, as it's made for the short hops. I realize it will probably never be "finished", and we'll be getting patches for as long as it remains a current product, but I do hope this next one works out most of the glitches, and from what I've seen that's scheduled to be included, it looks like it will do exactly that. That's a good thing! Fascinating! I thought the ADV button was only for checking your flight plan for anomalies during your pre-flight, and had no idea it did this, too! Looks like Volume 6 and I need to set a date for some quality alone time together. Good thing I've got the folder for those docs pinned to the sidebar, I don't have an excuse that I can't find them because I forgot where they are! I did forget where they are, but since they're pinned, that's not a problem. I don't need to know. Thank you for your help, I don't know how useful that FMS page actually is, I discovered it quite by accident when I was exploring every single page of every single button on the MCDU, but regardless, in the event I do want to use it, it'll be nice when they get it fixed.
  12. I have some questions about this that I was hoping somebody would be able to assist me with... This pic was taken in flight, and there was lots of FOB, so why are the numbers amber, , Inaccurate, and the "EXTRA" is showing an amber value of 0? Next, why does it show an ETA of -10:-48 in the KLAS line, and what does that even mean? Third, it shows goose eggs for my ALTN airport (KONT)... why? (I've noticed that phenomenon in several other locations as it references alternates as well, even when I've put in a full flight plane in for my second flightplan route. Lastly, it shows page 1/4. How do I get to the other pages? I tried the up and down arrows on the MCDU, and that didn't work. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help...
  13. You are absolutely correct, kind sir, and thank you for the tip. You just made the product much more useful for me. The reason I didn't think they were there is because when loading the program, it only showed routes in Europe, and it seemed like a low number of those to me, but I could be 100% wrong about that. Is there any way to show all the lines on the map when the app starts? Perhaps by putting an [ALL] option under Flightplan? So people (like me) could have the option to fly every plan that exists on the planet if they have no idea where they want to go, not that picking one from the firehose of data would be all that easy. 'Course you could just grab something random and go fly that LOL... Automatic would be (a little) better, but this is perfectly good enough for me! Good to know!! I have some addons that make you actually go and LOOK for updates to see if there are any, which is just obnoxious. And I'm talking about payware options from people who are proud of their product (meaning it ain't cheap!)... I'm not going to call them out by name, because that, too, would be obnoxious, but I do wish they wouldn't do that.
  14. I managed to get this downloaded, I've only briefly looked at it, but it looks very useful, especially the transfer to Simbrief function. Thanks for posting it. Do you plan to add routes in the US, and for that matter, from around the whole world? That one thing alone would increase the utility of this by 10,000%. (An estimated amount, of course...) KKT PS... Does it auto-update when new versions come out? If not, I'd like to request that you tag me when you make future announcements so I don't miss any updates! Thanks much...
  15. That's more than good enough for me! I'm really looking to having the glide slope issue fixed, although I have managed to make it work a couple of times. Of course I guess that could have been luck, too. In fact, literally everything I've heard about what's coming in the patch is something I'm looking forward to. I appreciate you getting back to me...
  16. Indeed, I think that may be part of the problem. If you look at the chart, I'm WAY out of the envelope, but if you look at the text part, it says I'm fine, and my quick mental math agreed. All that said, I'm getting better with this amazing b1rd, and having less and less issues every time I fly. Still having issues with the AP tracking the glideslope, but I understand that's a known bug that's set to be fixed in the next patch. I'm just hoping we see that soon, because it's MICROSOFT, not Aerosoft that can really slow it down, as from what I've been able to ascertain, they take their sweet time approving patches and the like. I hope that doesn't become an obstacle here.
  17. @BobbyFuzzy Thanks, I think I've got it setup right, now. I guess we won't find out until the next update comes down the pike. I super appreciate everybody's help on this, and at the very least I'm good to go for now! We'll see what happens when the next cycle comes out. Freaking FAA and their every 28 days crap, they can't just set this up for once or twice a year??
  18. The good news! I fixed it. The bad news! It was a very manual process that perhaps one of you gentlemen who are smarter than me can help to fix. I somehow have my data mapping wrong, but very close. The proper data is ending up in the "Aerosoft CRJ Professional" folder (several layers deep) that you can see in the screen snip below. So I just copied it and pasted it to THIS directory, which is where it's supposed to live. And that worked. I'm now showing the correct date range in the MCDU when the plane is powered up enough to run it. (Which is just battery on, APU start.) Next month, I can do the manual copy/paste to accomplish the same thing, and truth is that it's not that hard, but I'd rather get it right the first time. So can somebody tell me what folder I'm supposed to point the Navigraph updater to in order for it to NOT use the CRJ Professional folder as shown, but instead to put it here, as I did with my copy and paste. So I'm good to go until the next AIRAC update. Ideas?
  19. One workaround I've done that seems to help is to level out my plane, and firewall the throttle to get my speed back up, and then continue on and it seems to help, but that only is helpful if I'm trying to climb. Perhaps if we're already at cruise and start to get behind the power curve like that, just firewalling the throttle and pointing the nose down, even if it angers the boys and girls at ATC, can help. And in fact, I've done that a time or two, and once I've recovered my speed, it seems to be OK after that. But you have to watch that you don't lose too much altitude, as there is a rock hard ground waiting for you out there somewhere. Especially if you're already low and slow, or in mountain country.
  20. It is showing as "read-only", so I'm going to change that, and try running the update again. If that's a standard thing, I'm surprised more people aren't running into this. However, it was only a lucky fluke that I even noticed (and I'm a computer nerd and real world pilot, though I've damn sure never flown a CRJ, or anything remotely close to it. Just your average Cessna's, a Piper from time to time, and I do have one whole hour in a C310, but all of that even was more decades ago than I'd care to admit.) It could actually be a pretty widespread problem and just most people aren't even noticing it.
  21. @BobbyFuzzy OK, I have an update, and unfortunately it's not good news. I followed your instructions to the letter, and the in-sim screen hasn't changed, plus the cycle_info.txt file is completely unchanged right down to the 3/24/21 date on it, so it seems it hasn't changed since the day I bought the CRJ, or maybe even before. I didn't even think I bought the CRJ that long ago, but time goes quick, so it's entirely possible that I did and it just doesn't feel that way. In any event, I am now officially stumped. Thoughts? KKT
  22. Looks very interesting. Am definitely going to definitely spend some time figuring her out and if I want to buy it or not, but just a very first pass at the website makes me think it's better than what I'm already using. I'm also going to send you a PM so we can talk about it off line, and you can do thing like ask me if I've bought it yet 47 times LOL...
  23. @BobbyFuzzy We may be onto something. Here's what it says: AIRAC cycle : 2103 Version : 1 Valid (from/to): 25/MAR/2021 - 22/APR/2021 Forum : http://forum.navigraph.com Data provided by Navigraph - www.navigraph.com - Source data copyright (c) 2021 Jeppesen This data may be used for ground based recreational computer game simulation software only, and may not be recompiled, interpreted, or distributed for any purpose without the written consent of Navigraph. The contents of this database is dated and must not be used for real world navigation as it is unlawful and unsafe to do so. Parser-Version : DFD v1.0 21.0324 (c) Richard Stefan Files parsed on: 24/03/2021 So, it does have the Navigraph data, but for whatever reason (perhaps my updater is sending it to the wrong place?) it's a month old. Did this just become a Navigraph issue? (Not that I wouldn't still appreciate your help fixing it, but I understand if you can't or just don't want to...) I do appreciate the help so far Rob!
  24. @BobbyFuzzy, yup, 2104 rev 1, updated just last night in case it had itself been updated, which it seems that it wasn't. It was kind of a fluke I even noticed, I was going step by step with some video when it jumped out off the screen at me, and made me wonder if that might be part of my issue. Thanks for the help!
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