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  1. Thanks @Joe Markowski. I still hope this gets fixed.
  2. Hi, So I've decided to test the CRJ again and it appears that a longstanding bug is still there: I am currently flying to LOWW from EGLL... EGLL/27R DCT DET L6 DVR UL9 KONAN UL607 KOK DCT LNO DCT MATUG DCT GUBAX DCT BOREP DCT ENITA DCT ETVIS DCT BUDEX DCT LOWW/34 ... on VATSIM and the runway changed after setting up the approach. The arrival is BUDE1W and that hasn't changed but they switched landing runways from 34 to 16. Going into the DEP ARR page and changing the approach to ILS RWY 16 via NERDU did not replace the previously programmed ILS RWY 34 via NERDU but instead added the newer ILS 16 waypoints to the end of the flight plan, e.g. from... NERDU WW987 WW985 WW983 WW981 ... FI34 RW34 ... to ... NERDU WW681 WW679 WW677 ...WW671 WW987 WW985 WW983 WW981 ... FI34 WW671 FI16 RW16 This is not exactly precise because I've already flown some of the waypoints so posting from memory, but I had to heavily edit the flight plan. Obviously these kind of edits, which take me a minute or two to make sure they're correct, are not possible when doing a busy VATSIM event with a last minute runway change. @Mathijs Kok do you by any chance know if this is going to be fixed and when we can expect it?
  3. Dear Aerosoft team, On December 14 we were assured there would be bugfixes for the CRJ5/7/9/X. Do we have an expected ETA? Anything, e.g. Q4 2022? Thanks.
  4. So just to summarize two of the problems... Sound bug, which I have on all CRJs and all liveries: No resolution. No acknowledgement. SPEED bug: Acknowledged. No resolution. Hence my earlier questions... Can we expect fixes for these bugs in the future? Or should we just accept them?
  5. This should be stated clearly in the EFB or the EFB should simulate 2 clicks when a user presses it once (launch the relavant function twice?), if this is an SDK limitation.
  6. Re 1: It's already been reported by others but I'll do a comparison video one day. Re 2: How can it "work properly" when I cannot click it? It worked fine earlier, before one of the updates. Re 3: Here's a topic from the forum. One example: Re 4: Reported by others already multiple times. One example: Re 5: I am not required to read every single post in this forum and know everything, lest I would have no time for anything else. If it's an SDK limitation, just say so.
  7. LNAV - Fly a curvy route and compare it to the CJ4 + WT mod. BARO - Nope. I want it to work properly. No sounds - I don't have the Marketplace version, so no. CLR - Yes. Again, I'm interested in the final result, not excuses. Phantom - Happens on every Direct To. Very frustrating on VATSIM. N/W Steering - Yeah, that's the problem. Works even when the switch is OFF. 😉
  8. This is one issue. We know about the bugs. The question is if there will be on-going maintenance and evolution of the CRJ.
  9. Hello, This is a current bug list (some things might be what I consider bugs) in no particular order, that I found and remember: FMC sometimes freezes, when entering a flight plan, when a wrong waypoint is entered, when trying to overwrite it; solution: "Erase" and start again. LNAV is not very good. HOLD performance (LNAV) is atrocious. VATSIM controller: "Can you please explain what your aircraft is doing Lufthansa 337? I'm in the Aerosoft CRJ, Sir. | Ahh yes. Continue." SPEED doesn't work 90% of the time, ignored completely. BARO button unpressable; solution: press 15-20 times, maybe it will work. No sounds on dials rotation and button presses. This worked earlier. CLR hard to press because of speed brake handle. Phantom waypoints on Direct To; solution: use LEGS page. EFB - set payload in simulator - need to press twice. No info anywhere on this (critical for new pilots). N/W Steering INOP. BARO not linked between Captain and FO, even when setting this option in EFB. VNAV always on MCP, even if turned off in EFB. If turned off in EFB, VNAV button pressable, but doesn't do anything. VNAV must be turned off otherwise ILS doesn't work (might actually work like this, unsure). A/I (all of the switches) turned on during icing conditions. Did not work on last flight - MFD showed "ICE" warning. Sometimes it works properly. Can we expect fixes to these bugs in the future? Or should we just accept that they'll be present? Some of them are over 6 months old. And I'm sure I missed some. Merry x-mas! 🎄
  10. Just checked, none of those 2 things are relevant to the CRJ HUD.
  11. Hi, The HUD in the CRJ is blank after the update. I can see just the glass...
  12. Same problem on CRJ-1000 on the HOP special livery. No sounds from almost all knobs.
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