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  1. Did you make sure to switch the NAV a source from FMS to VOR1 (or LOC or ILS, whichever it says)?
  2. I spent the several hours of work following along with the tutorial flight EDLP-EDDM and WOW! I've never had such a realistic, amazing experience with a flight sim. The sounds, the visuals, just everything was spot on. And the tutorial videos were a HUGE help for getting started. I honestly think any simmer of any level could follow along with that. Thank you Aerosoft, very much looking forward to the 900/1000 addon pack!
  3. They’re probably standing at the windows laughing at how far off centerline you are! Just kidding of course 😂
  4. What an exciting day! Can't wait to see everyone hyping this thing up over the next week.
  5. Welcome! I was in the same boat about a year ago. I would say that with any accurate airliner simulation comes a learning curve and some studying to be done, unless you're flying a cheap crappy addon (such as the recent 737MAX but you didn't hear it from me) with no real simulated systems. I'd say this is a great jet to dive into for the first time. It's not necessarily "study level" as Aerosoft has said, but it does have very accurate systems that require a depth of touch that simmers can still access without being too complex for the mass of MFS users.
  6. Wow, I had no idea the CRJ would have this level of detail. Puts Jrollon to shame (though it was quite an old addon). It even has Mathijs-cam!
  7. Agreed. Even though it was outdated and had tons of bugs, I enjoyed flying the Jrollon CRJ200 on XP11. Like a little minivan in the sky.
  8. Looking at the new videos, as well as everything I've seen on this thread, I don't think I've ever been so excited about a flight sim product. This aircraft, combined with the amazing work Asobo has done on MFS itself, will put us as close to realism that we've ever been.
  9. CRJ is my #1 hype currently. After that I'm loyal until someone announces they're making an MD80/MD90. I love that airplane.
  10. Wonderful, thanks Mathijs! I meant to put this in the CRJ’s main thread but accidentally put it here. Feel free to delete or move it.
  11. One of my CFI coworkers is a CRJ200 driver, and he mentions this sometimes. I guess when mainline people come and jumpseat on the 200, they don’t expect to be pointed directly at the runway when they bust out of the clouds on short final. Gets a few people sweating a bit 😂
  12. Will the CRJ have working TCAS functionality with VATSIM or with the global traffic (online or other players) on MSFS?
  13. Welp, looks like we were wrong 2/16 folks.. the anticipation for the announcement continues.
  14. I'm still thinking of that livery they published last week with 216 in the registration. I'm possibly wrong, but I have a feeling we shall get a release date announcement tomorrow.
  15. Based on that livery previewed earlier, I think 16th is the announcement and 20th is the release.
  16. I bet Stefan took all morning to find a CRJ with 216 in the registration haha
  17. I think of this group we have here as the digital-age version of those people who would camp outside of video game stores ahead of a release to be the first in line to get the new game.
  18. Apparently I’m also a boomer that can’t add GIFs lol
  19. I'm doing that as well as replaying that teaser video. As well as adding the expected liveries to my SimToolkitPro fleet. As well as planning all of the flights I am going to do upon release. I think my bets are on tomorrow for an announcement though. I'm EST but I think it's getting fairly late in Germany.
  20. Does somebody still have that GIF of the jackhammer hitting the F5 key?
  21. SO excited to take my first flight in the CRJ (hopefully) sometime this month. I think my first flight will be a Bluestreak flight from KDAY-KORD, and the second being an SAS flight from EKCH-ESGG. Release date guess: February 13th.
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