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  1. Maybe I didn’t word my post clearly enough. What I really wish is that you could directly connect it to MSFS without having to use a client. Last time I checked, to connect FF to MSFS you have to download the FlightEvents client, and it’s just a hassle and another client to have. I loved that on XP11, the sim would directly connect itself to the app without any outside clients.
  2. There’s some things ForeFlight can do that FltPlanGo cannot. But I would say that the biggest advantages that ForeFlight has are the features that matter more to actual pilots instead of simmers. FltPlanGo is just fine for a casual flight simmer. It’s all just my opinion, but for one the ForeFlight app is very user-friendly, and that is super important in the cockpit when information may be needed very quickly. Part of the beauty of ForeFlight is all of the different features that add situational awareness in flight as well. The number of things you can do with the app is incredible. FltPlanGo
  3. Most of the regional carriers in the US that I know of use the EFB, but more for the Jeppesen Charts app. I believe PSA Airlines (who operates the CRJ) flies with EFBs or is about to, and that is the resource they use. One of the other CFIs I work with flies for a flag carrier in the US and they use an EFB, but instead of ForeFlight they use an app from Jeppesen to look at charts. From what he showed me, it has a lot of the same functions as FF. Maybe less on the front of weather and such, but a lot of info was there. ForeFlight is a wonderful tool for flying though. I used it throughout my tr
  4. Why don’t we just keep the predictions and conspiracy theories to ourselves and enjoy the holiday. Happy Holidays to everyone on the Aerosoft team and on this forum! I look forward to flying the CRJ whenever it comes, and I’ll wait as long as it takes.
  5. SO glad to see that this airplane works in approach mode. I absolutely love the new platform, but the one thing that drives me absolutely mad is the lack of airliners capable of truly realistic IFR flight. The A32NX mod has done wonders for this, but I've still found myself having to take the controls quite often because the autopilot decides to wander off to an imaginary waypoint or ignore the course. I know that Asobo will work out the bugs in the coming months and years, and therefore I am more than willing to wait. But the CRJ looks amazing! I've been checking this forum every day, and I a
  6. This looks awesome!! So excited to see this. I’ve been eagerly checking this forum a few times a day, and I love seeing all of the new updates every time. I will be buying this product the moment I hear that it is available. I’m curious about a few things, and I understand if you can’t answer due to NDA. Any chance we will have the ability to move the camera into the cabin? I love setting those custom cameras to get wing views on takeoff. Also, will it come stock with SAS or PSA Airlines (American Eagle) liveries? Huge thanks to all of you for keeping us informed via this forum.
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