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  1. Sorry Todd, you mean that flex temp is not simulated in the AirbusX? I have the same problem too... I set flex temp and then T/O never reach the right % even if I give more power (TO/GA). Once airborne it encreases to full thrust... Anyway I will try to leave it blank and see what happens Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, same problem as well When I'm about 3000ft I disengage autopilot and later autothrust and I try to perform a manual landing. When I'm close to the runway (more or less 300/400 feet) the Bus suddenly point the nose down and I can't do anything... I crashed. This happened 4 times in 4 flights in 4 different airports LIPZ - LFMN - LFKJ - LXGB. Fmc is correctly set and Joystick as well with the indication you wrote in the Step By Step guide. Speed was good about 145knots, aircraft was quite light 15% fuel... Is there anything special I have to do? Regards Manuele
  3. If you want I can check if your bike is here in Aprilia Head Quarter in Noale (Italy). I live nearby
  4. Oh c'mon!! Five hundred posts about wingflex... Have you ever been in a 320? Have you ever seen strong wingflex like a 747? You need to fly not to look for 3 pixels wing movement
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