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  1. Looks like full reinstall fixed the problem.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Will look at those posts.
  3. Hello. I have installed an update and noticed pink areas all around the airport. Very noticeable when you approaching the filed. The whole airport area look like pink garden. Thanks
  4. How did you upgrade to 1903? I just but new PC and I am shown W10 Pro 1803. Thanks
  5. Good catch. These things are very important even for newbies. Colors on FMA shows if the mode are armed or active. What does yellow color indicate? Hmm. And radio altimeter...it is not Baro, how does it read altitude on the ground? I just wonder how Rad Alts accurate at the decision height...Looks to me those things needs be worked out.
  6. Yeah. It is almost 50 bucks for boxed version . It's kinda high for Basic. I hope they will charge us with no stupid tax
  7. Thanks for the response. It looks to me I see the difference now. I think I will buy it in any way. I really like the graphic . I hope advanced version is in the future plans. Thank you.
  8. Hi. I am new here and I apologies if I threw my post to a wrong place. It is deep forest for me at the moment. I have just couple of questions before I place the order. Is INIT B page in FMGC available? If not, what tools are available for fuel loading and adjusting FOB, alternate and taxi fuel and stuff like that? Is there fuel and load manager? Is it possible to load speed and alts constraints in FMGC? (It is strongly required to follow correct SID and STAR procedures). Will the airplane follow them? I know SID & STARs are not supported but to follow correct departure and arrival procedure you need to maintain proper climb gradient which is very difficult to make it manually. Actually not a big deal but it’ll create extra workload. Are speed limit point and deceleration points available on ND? Does Approach phase activate upon reaching Deceleration point automatically? In order to Airbus decelerate to approach speeds, Approach phase must be activated either automatically or manually? I just want to make sure this option is available. I know this is the basic version but all options I was talking about above are really necessary. Also I didn’t see the response for this post: Goair 18 Ok Mathijs thats not fair posting real A320's cockpits on here, lets see some of the aircrafts youve made for FSX --- Mathijs There will be a two page document that will help you get in the air and back on the ground. See we claim even a inexperienced simmer can fly this Aircraft with serious realism with just two pages. Wilco provides very detailed manual on 99 pages with tutorial. Do you think 2 pages tutorial is enough even for basic? That’s it for now. Thanks a lot.
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