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  1. Looks like when I remove the route completely PFPX selects correct SID but at the first run it picks incorrect one for some reason. I can live with that.
  2. I did not change Rwy initially. It was what PFPX selected. I then tried to change Rwy hoping PFPX reselect SID but it still picked incorrect SID. I tried to ented correct SID but PFPX gave me an error stating SID doesn’t exist. I had to remove SID completely in order to calculate flight plan.
  3. Hello. I am trying to figure out why PFPX picks wrong SID and STARs? AIRAC cycle is current. ZSPD departure. Rwy 17L. PFPX picks AND12X SID, but this SID is for Rwsy 35L/R: Correct SID is AND11X for Rwys 17s:
  4. Looks like other simmers experience exact the same problem in DD forum. Will reports back if we find the solution. Thanks
  5. Prepar3D v4.4 | ASUS Maximus VIII Hero | i7 6700K OC 4.6 GHz | GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Extreme| GSkill Ripjaw 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz| | Corsair RM850 PSU | Noctua NH-D14 | W10 Pro 64bit Hard to believe I do not have graphical memory. I have much more complex airports and never had issues like that. EETN is the only one behaving like this. Thanks
  6. I have attached videos. Thanks EETN.wmv eetn2.wmv
  7. Buildings, jetbridges etc are randomly disappear. I was sitting in the cockpit and i saw a terminal ahead of me (doors, windows etc..). When I switched to external view the terminal was gone, just jetbridges remained. The other day I was sitting in the flight deck and I saw no terminal in front of me at the same gate. When I taxi I may see buildings disappearing when I passing by closer to them. When I stop buildings may reappear back again. Or it could be backwards. So there is not certain pattern when airports structures disappear. It is different every time. I'll try to make a shot video. Thanks
  8. Hello I have noticed that airport structures such building, jetbridges etc disappears time after time. In this image I am standing at the gate with no building in front of me. As soon as I pushed back the building has appeared. I also noticed that when I am taxing building and jetbridges may disappear as well. If I stop then buildings reappear. But this is not always when I am taxing. There are time times when I am standing still and see no buildings, but when I start taxi buildings show up. So there is not permanent pattern when it happens. Thanks
  9. Yes to all of the above. Will try to reinstall it again.
  10. Hello. I am having issues with v2.03. It crashes and it behaves different after the update. 1. I cannot ad takeoff and landing performance anymore. After applying takeoff and landing performance flights resets and calculated performance disappears. I see no options to update performance data as it was in older version. 2. Cannot validate flight plan. Clicking on Validate flight plan button does not do anything. 3. Crashes most of the time when I try to send data to TOPCAT and VATSIM and if I try either save or print OFP. Even if I got lucky to send data to TOPCAT, I cannot send data to VATSIM because Send data buttons disappears and I have to re-release the flight to access to Send data button and vs. Event viewer show fauilts as it shown below. No other error messages. Thanks --- Faulting application name: PFPX.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c0e3189 Faulting module name: PFPX.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c0e3189 Exception code: 0xc000041d Fault offset: 0x00337ac8 Faulting process id: 0x2fd0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d4b084320effb8 Faulting application path: D:\P3D Programs\PFPX\Professional Flight Planner X\PFPX.exe Faulting module path: D:\P3D Programs\PFPX\Professional Flight Planner X\PFPX.exe Report Id: a557ea98-a185-4f04-ae66-35aaaa9a6e73 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: --- PFPX.exe 5c0e3189 PFPX.exe 5c0e3189 c000041d 00337ac8 2fd0 01d4b084320effb8 D:\P3D Programs\PFPX\Professional Flight Planner X\PFPX.exe D:\P3D Programs\PFPX\Professional Flight Planner X\PFPX.exe a557ea98-a185-4f04-ae66-35aaaa9a6e73
  11. Not the same issue but I have crashes too after update. In my case it crashes when I try to print OFP, save flight or (sometimes) send to TOPCAT or VATSIM. It also acts weird. Before the update when I released the flight I was able to send flight to TOPCAT and VATSIM,. Now I can do it only once. If I send flight to TOPCAT, I cannot send it to VATSIM, PFPX resets the flight and I have to release the flight again to send it again.
  12. If you reinstalled Scenery as well and have ORBX I would check this post as well. There are some steps you have to do to make ORBX working properly. Follow the link below and scroll down to this section: "FTX Orbx Scenery and Updating Prepar3D" As far as I know ORBX is not fully compatible to 4.2 yet and FTX Central is still in Beta. Several of my ORBX sceneries are messed up.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I should be more specific. In planning page - fuel section. There is only one option to add remaining fuel in Lbs or KG, not in time.
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