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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. Hi Community, Hope all is well, just looking at various comments and one in particular by Mr Kok I am inclined to believe him when he says he has nothing to say or comment because I don't think Aerosoft are involved at all. The reason I don't believe they are involved is because in the video it shows an A320 Neo, Aerosoft have neither announced nor mentioned one in development or have produced one for any platform. They have their hands full with the A330 and A320 family but not the NEO. Also we know that ASOBO Studios are involved somehow in the development and although a French firm have their own sources I am sure based on the fact they are near Toulouse! The AS on the planes stands most likely for ASOBO & Microsoft Game Studios partnership. Food for thought but Aerosoft are most likely NOT involved yet and know as much as you and I. Kind regards Duncan
  2. Thanks Oli got the menu now just had to click and drag to make window larger. Duncan
  3. Dear Oliver, I have installed AES 2.13 and installed 2.20d over the top of it on the 1st Jan 2012. I have turned my engines off and parking brake set. I am ready to start engines ready for departure. Did the CTRL+SHIFT+W to cyle through however after configging the aircraft CS767 all I get is baggage cart and Jetways. I get no other options or buttons that work I don't know what buttons do what?!? I can't operate AES can you help me. There are no key commands in the manual. All I get when CTRL+SHIFT+W is pressed at the demo airport is (EDDN FULL press F10 to close.) I have installed FSX with ACC. Any help or key commands I need would be helpful. Otherwise its great. Duncan
  4. Looking forward to Airbus X

  5. I love flying the 747X

  6. I also agree with Ayster the other models even if external would be good i.e A318/9
  7. It would good to have the following liveries British Airways A320/1 Swiss Air A321 Air France A321 Alitalia A321 Iberia A320 Lufthansa A320/1 TAP A321 Virgin Blue A320 Air Berlin A320 TAM A320 Monarch A321 LAN A320 Aero Mexicana A320 United A320
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