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  1. Hi, What do you mean, buy what from Navigraph? For MSFS, we use Navigraph data from there https://forum.navigraph.com/tag/release-notes Any help on the rebuild FSFK navigation database error (see pic in initial post)? Regards,
  2. Hey Been off for a while, you can point FSFK to P3D folder, put an FSX.exe inside P3D folder, then FSFK should fetch data. You might need create an FSX folder in C programdata in you don't have FSX installed and copy the P3D scenery cfg file there (the one in C program data not the main p3d folder). And every time you make a change to P3D scenery you need copy the new scenery.cfg to FSX folder so FSFK can rebuild the database with the new file. For MSFS still no fix, still get the error, with latest airac. I still do the workaround mentionned earlier..
  3. Volanta totally different, FSFK is unique..nothing like FSFK..
  4. I just tried with 2101 and same, so definately to do with latest MSFS update...
  5. Indeed, I've been using it long time also, and I believe this is one of the best if not the best flight software there is (landing rate, acars, flight map, etc..to name a few!)
  6. exploreall, I don't understand what you're talking about.. I just said FSFK "BETA" from October's Thomas's post don't read AIRAC2104, but it read the previous 2013 2012 etc, if FSFK "BETA" read 2013 2012 etc why not 2014?? So I suggested this is due to the latest MSFS update..2101 in effect next week so if same with 2101 I guess Thomas would need show up and help 😐 And the initial post do show NAVIGRAPH, so not sure why ask where got the data?? Only sim installed in my PC is MSFS. Hopefully he's busy building a brand new FSFK for us 😬😅
  7. What latest notes? What do you mean fill airport info for yourself?? I've been using FSFK with MSFS2020 since and all Navigraph AIRACs so far were read by FSFK, only the latest 2014 this issue, 2013 was fine, 2012 was fine etc, so not sure if some to do with latest MSFS 1.12.13 update or a combination of the two 1.12.13 and 2014?.. 2101 is coming soon, so will try the next cycle, maybe...
  8. Hi, After installing the latest Navigraph 2014, launching MSFS, the AIRAC shows correctly in content manager like normal, when checking the CDU it shows correctly the new 2014 cycle dates like previous cycles etc, then closing MSFS and launching FSFK to rebuild navigation database, looking at the progress bar at the bottom it goes through all the packages until it reaches navigraph-navdata where it hangs for 5 s or so then shows this error then after few seconds FSFK windows closes then FSFK relaunches by itself to default view... Is there something with the new A
  9. Those lines above are not dictate nor orders...people do what they want, I just thought I opened some eyes, no offense, if offense taken, I don't see why but hey... I also fly a complex airliner in P3D and FSX, which is not available as such detailed and accurate in MSFS also, so why would I suggest to switch to MSFS and fly less accurate/detailed airliners? It's because the need should take over the pleasure... You should give this a thought too... I've been flying complex airliners along with FSX P3D for loooong time now, so if I wrote tho
  10. Look at MSFS..NOW, in 3 years it will be 3 years TOO LATE..
  11. Forget about PMDG, let them do what they want, just switch back to MSFS and enjoy! Solution: MSFS is the way..no need wait ;), you will refrain yourself by continuing with P3D.. FSX and P3D are done with. OR...you can't wait on p3d... PMDG is just joking, total doesn't care about us! PMDG is just not serious...lost faith in them. They need iFly (or other) come and release some major aircrafts (737 747 777 787 etc) so they'll get out of their bubble (whatever it is) and do something or close business.. T
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