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  1. I'm going to print all the manuals, but volume 1 pdf has that horrible grey bar on the right. I suppose it is sufficient to regenerate it... can you do that?
  2. I think throttle calibration will not be needed ....
  3. set the varables to 1 arms the reverse, st to 0 to disarm them.
  4. Sorry, but I still do not understand.... How do I calculate what to insert in flex temp field?
  5. Any idea about when will it be back on stock?
  6. P_R_S


    I found this on spad.next discord... not tried yet I am happy with: <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_CHANGE" Value="1" ValueOperation="Set" /> (Action) <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_SEL" Value="3" ValueOperation="Increment" /> (Animation) 1 [03:11] for increase [03:12] for decrease use opposite: set -1 on CHANGE and decrement by 3 on SEL [03:13] HDG, CRS, VS, ALT are similar you can find a full LVARs list here...
  7. P_R_S

    ADG logic?

    ... And there is no way to shut'em down.
  8. This happens to me with any aircraft if I do not request ATC for clearance and don't follow their instructions....
  9. Will this create problems with OnAir fuel and weight check?
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