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  1. sadly "soon" is not an hard coded concept (where I work it means anything between 1 hour and 5 years)
  2. Wow a "Giulia Quadrifoglio" I love this car!!! Great works as usual!!!!
  3. Wonderful where do I have to sign for the course? Do you do virtual private lesson too?
  4. @Levente Sághi It is some times I keep hearing about this, but I haven't found a really in depth discussion about it, can you point me to wich forum it has been discussed? thank you
  5. Hope this is the right thread to post such a request, forgive me if I'm in error. Will the Catalina be ported to MFS?
  6. Sorry, but I do not understand, we all have had extremely positive and polite reactions, what could any company wish more? did I miss something? I mean may be I didn't notice some particular toxic post or something?
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