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  1. I'm going to print all the manuals, but volume 1 pdf has that horrible grey bar on the right. I suppose it is sufficient to regenerate it... can you do that?
  2. I think throttle calibration will not be needed ....
  3. set the varables to 1 arms the reverse, st to 0 to disarm them.
  4. Sorry, but I still do not understand.... How do I calculate what to insert in flex temp field?
  5. Any idea about when will it be back on stock?
  6. P_R_S


    I found this on spad.next discord... not tried yet I am happy with: <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_CHANGE" Value="1" ValueOperation="Set" /> (Action) <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED_SEL" Value="3" ValueOperation="Increment" /> (Animation) 1 [03:11] for increase [03:12] for decrease use opposite: set -1 on CHANGE and decrement by 3 on SEL [03:13] HDG, CRS, VS, ALT are similar you can find a full LVARs list here...
  7. P_R_S

    ADG logic?

    ... And there is no way to shut'em down.
  8. This happens to me with any aircraft if I do not request ATC for clearance and don't follow their instructions....
  9. Will this create problems with OnAir fuel and weight check?
  10. Today will be a great day I'll get the relase date for the CRJ and as an extra gift UPS just delivered me my Fulcrum Yoke!!! Cannot be more excited!!!
  11. Great!! May I suggest to insert a DeEsser plugin in the audio track?
  12. obviously and a captain hat in a wooden box too
  13. Or more recently he microprose Falcon4 manual Uhm think A SuperDeluxe Limited Edition (500, 1000) numbered and manually signed copy by the Team will sold out in no time whatever the price..... ok, just a dream
  14. thank you, yes it is strange, Feb 2nd was a ver calm day not even posts in the Twin otter thread...
  15. Absolutely, but Mathijis said " in this forum" and not "in this thread" so we need to check every post from him in every topic
  16. I'll be fine too, as long as Mathijis will continue to tease us at least weekly
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