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  1. hi everyone , I downloaded the 1.2 update ages ago but I now cannot find it on my pc , so I have been going around in circles trying to find it on here to re download it , my f16 has become a bit corrupt I think, my frame rates are dancing from 59 down to 12 & causing stutters , it never used to , & my vrs superbug doesn't do this on my current settings so I thought I would do a repair. thanks.
  2. yes I am beginning to realise it may be not possible, thanks.
  3. I am very sorry , I was using my andriod phone to post & for some reason it does not like this site , I thought it had not posted at all , so I tried a few times & each time the browser came back with a problem, I am now on my pc which has no problems on here , I dont know why my android struggles , it even struggles logging me in & I get some weird text at the top. I will not use my phone again on this forum.
  4. Hi everyone, I am trying to get my mfd panels to operate the softkeys around the left & right ddi's, since they are designed on the f16 I am hoping someone on here has been able to map them, I have a registered copy of fsuipc , I also have Linda & Target by Thrustmaster, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I think it is fantastic software ,the 3D effect of the cockpit really comes alive ,I'm really pleased I came across this software.I've seen people moaning on various forums about lag well mine seems to respond instantly & heh I was saving to buy trackir but now I am going to not bother with it, I will however make a donation to the developers , if people want to blow 149 pounds & wear head gear that is there choice , I will tinker with the settings until I get it right & its good to hear the program is still being further developed.
  6. Hi , I have copied the settings you posted up & they are a vast improvement over the default, my only isue now is when looking straight ahead & trying very hard not to move my head the forward view keeps twitching forward a little then straight back again ,after a while it starts to make me feel sea sick, I have tried moving the null zones up but it still does it even at nul set at 10 ,any suggestions on how to tune it out, I have good lighting in the room .thanks.
  7. I like this colour scheme to, I have instaled the folder but when I add the new entry in notepad & try to save it its saying access denied ,I am running win 7 ultimate.
  8. sorry I have only just joined this site ,so I don't know my way around it yet , but thanks.I have now gone back to the shop login & registered again & this time the upate I was after popped up, thanks.
  9. well I have spent about 2 hours going around in circles trying to find where I download this update, I went to the shop & re registered my boxed set, it seems it doesn't matter which area I go on the different parts of the forums I never get to the point where I can download it. thanks for any replys.
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