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  1. Can Chaseplane have conflict with the included camera system? Anyway to fully disable the Twin Otter camera system. I had a few CTD yesterday on P3D V4.4 and each time the camera view was enable Many thanks Ben
  2. Hi, at the Aerofly forum some said that the Lukla scenery that just came out, and that I just bought won't work with the original Aerofly FS2 steam edition???? If yes a warning on the product page should be there. Ben
  3. Hi Dave and thanks for the followup, it work perfect when I load the F-22 first, or anything else stock to P3D V4. I have a fresh install on a fairly new rig, I5 8600K Non OC but in Turbo mode at about 4.2ghz, 16G Ram, GF 1060 6G on a UW Monitor 2560x1080 Yes I did use my old Water Cool system and the CPU run cool When it does load... on the first time, it load very slowly, screen is black at first but I can hear some sound, I then have to click the minus of the window mode, click back to full view and then I see the plane but only in 1/4 of the window (left top), I then click on the plane and it goes to full view... very strange. All is fine after that. It's no big deal to load a simple stock plane first, then the A320 load at normal speed. Thanks again and have a great day Ben
  4. Hi again, ok I did so. The problem Its not chaseplane or the view system... The plane will load of 1 on 2 time, if it doesn't load P3D will exit to Desktop and close, what I see is simply a black window and no sound. To be clear, It won't exit to desktop if I touch nothing or click on nothing, but when I try to click anywhere P3D will simply close Here is what I think is wrong, 1 time on 3 I can't see any vehicle in the preview section when P3D load... this is when P3D will crash to desktop, it's when I choose them in the list but can't preview them, this problem was there before I installed both the A320 and the CRJ BUT it doesn't affect other plane so far as to even Iif I don't see them in the preview window they will load fine in the sim. What I do is load the default jet and change to the A320-21.. Strange but not to bad If you have a suggestion fine, if not I can live with that Thanks for your help Ben
  5. Thanks, stupid question, how? 😁
  6. Hi guys, for some reason when I choose the A320-21 it will crash P3D V4.3 when I start seeing the plane... once I pass the start up (1 on 3 time??) all is fine after. I think that it's chaseplane that is making this problem, also for the first time Chaseplane warned me with a special window telling me that it was installing ""stuff"" for the A320???? It look like if I start Chaseplane manually AFTER the plane as loaded it load ok... Maybe there is a problem with the A320 view system VS Chaseplane??? This is NOT happening with other addon plane Thanks, Ben
  7. I had this problem since the beginning (2-3 months ago). It is annoying but i can live with that. What is really annoying is I can't load a save flight/game (It look like I'm the only one with that problem) with the Airbus X, CTD. I can sometime save them but can't load them anyway. Now I see the there is a throttle fix out, i will try that later. It as know bugs and... well, I guess they are working on it. I got a bit tired of the Airbus for those reason, I bought another plane from Quality Wing, a 757. It work flawlessly, not as nice VC but it work.
  8. No :-) So sorry, you can erase this post.... Thanks Shaun, you always make Aerosoft look better.
  9. Many thanks Mark but I'm not sure I get it :-) the 777 is install and work perfectly with the livery that come with the plane. The liveries need to be install one by one anyway??? Sorry, I really don't get your instruction. Ben
  10. Hi, I can't (tried 2 hours) install the 777 optional livery in FSX (Win 7 64 bit), I mean they do install but at the end Win7 tell me that they might not be installed properly, if I click on: yes they where install properly i can't see them in FSX and if I click: re-install them properly I have a double file, FSX wile loading tell me that it sees 2 file with the same name. Regardless of waht I do I can't see the livery. I have followed Wilco procedure (on their site) but it still doesn't work. I can see the file in the SimObject/airplane/feelThere B772 ER. In this folder (SimObject) i can see multiple copy of the Airbus X and Twin Otter, each copy for each livery but only one feelThere B772 ER Thanks for any help
  11. Finally, a full 60 minute flight.... Don't ask me how I did it but was able to do it again and again. Problem found: Hardware, my computer crash if I have 3 or 4 gig or RAM, XP and Win7, not always??? Back to 2 and stable? Good FPS also, anything between 20-60. The good and the bad: Saitek X52 Pro work fine but not if I plug the rudder pedal. CAN save game but CAN'T load them (FSX crash) (Airbus X only), that is a bit sad to not being able to load save game. Crash at exit, all the time, no big deal. On landing, I can't pull up like I want to (flair), must be a Airbus thing? Airplane is beautiful, look like it's fun to fly, FPS are fine even on Win7 and 2 gig of RAM. Flight was at Madeira at 2560 x 1600 (30 in monitor) FPS unlimited. FPS doesn't change much a lower screen resolution. I will now try with XP. OOM fix done with XP. Ben
  12. Hi all, sorry to say but after trying all your suggestions... nothing work. I spent all day trying a lot of stuff and the plane make my computer crash after about 10 sec into the flight. I must be doing something wrong but I'm just tired of trying. I don't know what to do no more. All that was tried on Win7. I had a nice flight with the 777, a good 90 minutes without a glitch. I can load the Airbus X, it crash the computer after less then 30 sec. I don't get it. If you say that this product should work, well I believe you, it must be me or my computer. Adios Airbus X, sadly I have to say. Ben
  13. Hi Shaun, I'm running Win7 now... does this fix apply to win 7? I will try it on XP Ben
  14. Ok, so I have to create a folder (EX: C:/flight ) and install FSX in it? Same for the addon I guess? By the way Paul, i'm no kid at 44. I'm a casual simmer, not a hard core one, same for computer stuff. I was waiting for that plane for that exact reason, design for casual simmer with good FPS. It is shocking that this product is not perfect or at least (in my case) working partially. First the throttle problem, the crash at exit and in my case, well, it never really work for more then a few minutes. I have a hard time understanding why the Airbus X is so different then any other product, yess my 777 as small issue but nothing that bad. The Twin Otter is simply perfect. i don't have other Addon plane. All other addon are sceneries. No problem what so ever. So I'm willing to try one last time with all those setting (above info), after that, well I think I will abandon the Airbus X.
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