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  1. Yes as the FS9 version is not available yet!
  2. Just saying there the new textures for the cargo objects Greg
  3. Yea twud be weird alright if they were just giving it away without making a new version
  4. Thank God..i was really beginning to get sick of the old one
  5. Yes but there making Faro X FS9 compatable as well!
  6. Yes there is one alright..! I was talking to Shaun Fletcher about it and he said there was going to be one and it is still in development Greg
  7. Hi Aerosoft.. jsut saw the FSX version! Absolutely fabulous! Well done to the development team! Any news on the FS9 version?? Greg
  8. Hi Oliver, Well done with this by the way its brilliant work! but there on the airports html on the product page it says Ibiza X was covered in 2.04 but its not in the list! It only comes in in 2.05! Is it possible to transfer the files from 2.05 into 2.04?? Cheers Greg
  9. yea fine but its waaay too big and i i have to run my computer on minimal graphics for it to run smoothly so i thik its a disgrace really its to big
  10. Hi Aerosoft.. Is there any way of making this FS2004 Compatable?? Because a lot off people still use FS2004 and to be honest this is THE best Airbus add-on! Like i would pay anything for it and im a huge Aer Lingus fan as you already know! :L I mean why is everyone cutting off on FS2004?? Greg
  11. Oh right.. aw dam thats a downer.! Are ye starting to stop makeing stuff for FS2004.? Cuz personally i think fs2004 is better cuz FSX just eats my computer when its on it!
  12. Hi John.. yes I'm a newbie! Oh ok sorry about that.. I'm very confused about this at the moment.! Has this been released yet no? Nad is it just FSX compatable?? Greg
  13. Wow nice pics ..where did you get that aircraft??
  14. A320 Aer Lingus British Airways Jet Blue BMI Britsh Midland Lufthansa Onur Air A321 Aer Lingus BMI British Midland Onur Air And I would allow people to create there own repaints to post on AVSIM or like the way Overland did and you could provide a free a paint kit for them on the downloads section! Is this only compatable for FSX?? Only a suggestion Greg
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