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  1. This guy is an artist, period! Look at that rocky terrain around RWY27 threshold... Couldn't look more realistic! And did anyone notice the parasols on the beach? Low approachers, don't clip that church's cross on landing at RWY09!
  2. Aaah yes, the "Spirit of Melina"! I see she is still listed as active but I doubt it. BTW I'm one more of the "Sierra X-ray" registered users in this forum
  3. Absolutely amazing detail, specially in the surroundings! Look at that football field there next to the threshold of rwy09... and that guy's balcony right at the end of the runway, every time I'm on a turnaround at LGIR I wonder whether he feels lucky or doomed!?! I wish FSX could give us the possibility to show the uneven terrain between rwy and taxiway and the terrible bumps on the runway itself... Even if you make a perfect touchdown pax still think your landing was terrible because the plane bounces like hell at it settles on the runway all the way until rollout! Seems the only things Emilios has left out where the impossible to model ones! On a personal note I really would prefer the tower's windows to be dark at night instead of light green but maybe that's just me. Add my NGX too to the list of the ones waiting to burn some rubber on rwy27 guys!
  4. Emilie, congratulations on your work so far! Just a tiny observation, your building is in a desparate need for a greek Λάμδα letter instead of that L!!
  5. The Rwy approach lights of 04 seem not correct to me but a main error is the old terminal building which is missing its extention to the east where passport control used to take place. compare with this image from google In your screenshot you only include the building with the "LARNACA AIRPORT" sign (where the blast fences are in google), however there should be another building attached to it towards the east.
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