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  1. As you Can see in the video clip I made for you, the thrust idles as thrust levers is positioned below actual N1/EPR also when autothrust is engaged. It is not possible for me to click / use the instinctive pushbutton to disconnect the A/THR.
  2. But mine disconnets the A/THR when setting the thrust levers to current thrust setting by adjusting the levers until the N1 (EPR) TLA blu circle is adjacent to the ctual N1/EPR WITHOUT pressing the instinctive disconnect pushbutton (on the levers). Is this still correct?
  3. Im not using keys on the keyboard😀 Im using Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog...
  4. Thats correct- it has not anything with autopilot to do. But moving the thrustlevers in A/THR area shouldnt idle the thrust until you reach the 0 detent or disengage the autothrust. Agree?
  5. Moving thrust levers from CL gate within the A/THR area in cruise and AP on, starts to idle the aircraft slowing down and it shouldnt. If moving the thrust levers it should only change to idle if set to 0. Please fix cause this Is a bug?
  6. I have no extended centerline when TRAK /LAT and bird is selected (FD’s OFF) after app settings is entered and app mode activated. Is this a bug?
  7. Yes correct. Before start recording the video I was climbing OPCLIMB to FL350 and had already pushed the FMGC DIR button with ABEAM PTS. Just after this the AC suddenly turned right and off the navigation route. Thats why started recording the video. I did nothing else regrding navigaton etc.
  8. Yes - Dragon air B-LAB is listed twice in the aircraft.cfg. I deleted it and no more error message. It happened after reinstalling and only with the updater to ver.
  9. Thank you for Your answer, but its just that I cannot find any aircraft cfg. / aircraft addon textures twice. After reinstalled the version everything is OK - no error message, but after updating to with the updater the error message shows up.
  10. Why do I get this Message after updating /reinstalled to (I followed the reinstall advice)
  11. The INIT B was correct b4 T/O - The fuelplanner generated the loadsheet. GSX workers loaded the AC with fuel and cargo. Printed loadsheet entered in the INIT B and matches the loadsheet in MCDU 3......We need a service pack soon.
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