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  1. Good evening, Just a question for this new version of MCDU in airbusx V2. Can be used with the VR INSIGHT CDU II ? It's so bad to have a nice Bus and impossible to use with the nice hardware ! Thanks Michel
  2. Hello, Does anybody have a new repaint of new AIR FRANCE liveries ? Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks a lot for your screenshots It's like a real plane. Can't wait for this bird ....
  4. Great Job !!! What about check-list with an iPad ??
  5. Great I bought an IPAD just for that !! (joke) It's too hard to wait !!!
  6. Thanks Mathijs for these pictures !
  7. Hi Mathijis, About SID and STAR does the ND's like this ? http://emarciano.free.fr/Fr/index.htm Regards Have a look at "April 2010: Upgrade for Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2"
  8. Fantastic job with lots of details ! Waou !!!!!
  9. Good night everybody It's my first post (please excuse me, my english isn't very well). The "bus" is very,very nice !!! Congratulations for your job ! I think i read all the post but i have just one question Will this be fully compatible with VR Insight CDU II ? Bye.
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