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  1. Thank you for the reply , Was not expecting the CRJ RNP in to VQPR but a visual approach , It was just that I could not find the bug in a search on this Forum , I am quite aware of the IRL limitations of the CRJ , especially the CRJ2 , I was flying it for a regional airline in my distant past That said thank you again , and eagerly await the update And with that you can CLOSE this Topic
  2. I have tried this flight in the CRJ 700 six times , some friends tried too .. You cant reach TOC , the Simulator hangs to the extend that it even can't be closed , Tested with 3 other Aircraft absolutely no problem .. I can't even add a log or screenshot every time Can someone please try and confirm .. VNKT IGRI1B KIMTI B345 TUMLI G348 SUBSU SUBSU1 VQPR Above is the Flight Plan used . CRJ 700 Challenge
  3. HI there , Absolutly the best plane in the Sim currently .. Congratulations to everyone The Position of the power truck is a a problem on some gates .. When it a empty gate no problem it the other ones .. I thing a option to make it transparent will work , I don't know , Just a flying truck brakes the emersion Regards Lawrence
  4. I tried every waypoint in the new plan , kept looking for the previous waypoints "I think" It was hunting , Sure its a Bug but I am patient , this is the best CRJ in any platform .. Regards Lawrence
  5. I tried to DIR to a couple of the Waypoints in the "NEW" Flight plan , But it just started to hunt and keep turning left ... But I am sure you guys will get it right , BTW This is a great plane flies great , Reminds me of my young days doing my ATPL .. Regards Lawrence
  6. Hi , Last night I did a flight to KASE , when I got to the TOD , the weather was below minimums to land there on RWY 15 , I then tried to do a Sec Flight Plan to the alternate , but the FMS would not follow that flight plan , Can I please be given the right procedure or IS it a Bug The alternate was to KCOS .. Regards Lawrence
  7. Gidse in ons eie Taal ... I intent to translate the manuals in Afrikaans ...
  8. MR Mathijs , please contact me regarding Apron Side FAOR

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