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  1. Charles777 - any chance for sending the file for me also? cuube(at)interia.pl . I will be grateful.
  2. First of all - fantastic job - thank you so much! And about bugs - the same like others. So - the main bug is fps. Too low fps, for example when I approaching in Mega Airport London Heatrhrow I have got about 50 fps and in Orly the fps is only 16! Any chance for increasing fps? The second bug is the trees in rwy 06/24. Axel H - can you also send me the file? My email is cuube@interia.pl . Thanks!
  3. I use the AFCAD file, which sent me ehasanov, and the problem with the trees and reload also dissapear in my case. )) Thanks ehasanov so much for it, once time more.
  4. I don't use FSGlobal. :/ I combined to put EHAM with the higest priority, but it isn't solve the problem with tree. :/ I combined the same with EDDF scenery... Result the same. Last time I did the flight from EIDW (Eiresim scenery) and after landing on rwy 18R the problem with tree also exist.
  5. Thanks to link Shaun Fletcher. But my problem is not exactly like others... Of course I have got the problem with trees near by V taxiway, but... If i start FS and firstly logged on Schiphol I don't see any trees near by any taxiways - everythink is ok. But if I take a flight for example from EDDF to EHAM and land on rwy 18 R, when I taxing i see the trees and my FS reloaded automaticlly to my start position (in this case to a gate in Frankfurt). In your solutions I will have to removed all scenery and fly from one place to EHAM, next add one scenery and take the same flight as well... And
  6. Hm... You are right, but it is a strange matter... A few second ago I logged on runeway 18R and i was looking for the tree and it wasn't... But if I fly to EHAM from others airports this tree exist... :/ Do you know mayby which file might be responsiblity for it? And maybe it will be important. Before install Mega Scenere Amsterdam i used Schiphol Scenery of Cloud9. Of course after installed your scenery I had uninstalled Cloud9. EDIT: And what i noticed - I migt complety remove this tree (and others as well) but i have to set Autogen dentisy to Normal. And in this case the world is..
  7. First of all I want to say hello for everybody. Secendly I want to congratulations your awesome job - this scenery is brillant. But unfortunatelly I have got one much problem of it... If I take a long flight (for example EDDF - EHAM) and I land on runeway 18R, my FS was broken during taxi to the gate and reload to first my position (gate in EDDF). It is take part always in the same place (near by tree on V taxiway). The view is changed automaticlly from 2D Cockpit to outside view and FS starts reloaded itself... I attach the screen... First of all I want to say hello for everybody.
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