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  1. Thanks for tweaking the file. I wonder if there is something not quite right at my end as I now get an other error and also the HDG function won't engage. Let me know what you suspect and i might have a play with it on my next days off. Cheers TinkerNZ
  2. Hello highflyer, First thank you for the AFL Cessna profile with the little extras which are great. I'm still learning my way into the Bravo, however I believe I have installed the profile correctly and it throws a small error. (see attached scr-shot) The Parking Brake assignment works, so I am lost with what might be wrong and don't want to try and change anything in case it breaks the profile. Could you assist with some feedback please. TinkerNZ
  3. Hi Agi, If my memory is correct there used to be a function of FTU in earlier versions that saved the Aircraft state (switches and settings) when exiting the sim. So when a plane was fully closed down to a Cold and Dark state, that is how it would be when restarted. This feature seems to be gone now, unless my FTU v1.15 copy is faulty. Example is VSkylabs Aeroprakt A22, fully set to Cold and Dark, but when I next start the plane some settings like Battery, Generator and AP are all switched ON. And because it uses 'toggle' functionality on a lot of these, when I turn ON the Battery switch on my Saitek Panel it actually turns the Battery to OFF. With FTU v1.15 is there a way to save the plane's state when exiting the sim? Keen to hear what you might have for a solution. TinkerNZ
  4. Thanks for coming back with your findings. I'll try to address this via the creator of Arcal. One, it is smaller and easier to maintain or make changes and secondly FTU is a must have plugin for me and Arcal only was added more recently. Thanks again TinkerNZ
  5. Thanks for coming back with a reply. I tried the increase of startup delay without success. Currently set to 15 secs max. Attached is last log.txt (zipped) with a startup at NZPP. FWL had to be re-started, but after that both scripts ran fine. FTU appeared to do its thing and Arcal also worked, switching on the lights ok. If you could look at the log.txt for anything obvious that would be great. (mostly gobble de gook to me) Log.zip
  6. Hi Agi, I am experiencing a lua conflict between Arcal and FlyAgi Tweak Utility at start up of X-Plane 11. When my system reaches the airport and completes loading everything for X-Plane, plane on the runway etc, FWL engine has stopped and requires a manual re-start. Once that is clicked both Arcal and FTU start up and appear to live together nicely. When disabling one or other lua script before starting XP there is no problem, however for some reason when starting with both lua scripts active the FWL engine crashes. Restarting it is not recommended according to FWL, but when done anyway both scripts run ok. Any idea what might be causing this apparent clash and how to fix it? I'm running latest version of FTU and you can find Arcal here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/39141-arcal-aircraft-radio-control-of-aerodrome-lighting/&page=2&tab=comments I've posted a request for support in the Arcal Page comments, but so far no reply. I've also tried putting the rather large arcal lua script within the static override lua of FTU with the same lua engine crash. TinkerNZ
  7. Thank you. All working good now. I had the tool still in the JSGME folder which I placed in the XP root dir and now that I have removed that and placing the app directly in the root of XP and the MOD folder also everything works as intended. Thanks again TinkerNZ
  8. Thank you for the response Agi, I installed the JSGME tool and added the mod, activated it and found it didn't do anything to change the XP settings file. Manual install of your settings.txt did result in permanently turning off extended DSFs, so that great. Just wondering why the tool is not doing what it is supposed to do. I am not getting any errors when activating the MOD so I'm assuming it is working, but apparently not. Any ideas?
  9. Hi, Longtime user of this most excellent plugin. Couldn't do without it for use with my XP11 setup. Recently found that with extended DSFs turned OFF I am gaining substantial frames (about 10 -15) , however tuning this OFF doesn't get saved. So each time I start or re-start XP it reverts back to ON and I manually have to turn it OFF again which of course triggers yet another scenery reload. A bit of a hassle and time waster. Is there a problem with my installed copy of FTU or is there a way to keep it set to OFF so when XP starts it is loaded correctly with extended DSFs turned OFF? Thanks in advance. TinkerNZ
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