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  1. haha, probably not, can make people pay and then get them to test it 🤣
  2. Yep getting this too, was this aircraft actually tested before release?
  3. yep, it just starts the turn to intercept far too early and gets in a mess, worse than a default plane in this regard
  4. This really needs to be fixed, it affects the top of descent calculations and fuel calculations, everything.
  5. It's just dropping out of the sky, Fuel Flow is so low for some reason, should be much higher than this, normal in the mid 700's when climbing I think. Looking back it took me loads of power to taxi on the ground as well...
  6. No, no ice at all, aircraft just wont climb at all, I've levelled off and it wont go above M.62.
  7. something very odd going on, my weights are all over the place today, changing without me changing them on the EFB, aircraft just wont climb, I've tried to level off and it wont go faster than M.62 so odd
  8. Hi all, The Zero Fuel weight seems to change during flight and adds extra weight making it impossible to climb, the ZFW was set to 26296 when loading the aircraft on the ground and has now changed to this, and it also has locked me out from entering any more data (i.e to put it back to what it was).
  9. Hi all, Getting completely wrong ETE's. It's going to take longer than 35 mins to do 465 nm.....
  10. Yeah I also have this, NAV mode is extremely erratic, worse than default aircraft. Sort of unbelievable really.
  11. Hi all (again) As soon as I started descending, the airplane, whilst still in NAV mode following FMS started a steep bank to the left for no reason, and then totally struggled to stay on course, had to enetr HDG mode and follow flight plan manually. Any ideas?
  12. Hi all, Thank you Aerosoft for allowing us to delete altitude/speed constraints. However, non-pre-programmed constraints, entered automatically in a SID/STAR/Approach etc for example, should display larger than intermediate FMS calculated altitudes at waypoints, so one can tell what is a constraint and what is just a calculated altitude based on desired descent flight path angle. Best
  13. Hi, The autopilot still does not switch correctly to Mach as it should, climbing at 290kts IAS, the autopilot happily carries on pitching to that speed well beyond M0.74. I was slightly testing to see when it would swap over but got bored of not being able to climb when I reached around M0.80. Best
  14. Dear all, Here you can see the fuel predictions are incorrect on the MFD Data Page. According to this I will fly 190nm without using any fuel....
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