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  1. Hello, it works the same way in the LIDO FIV ;). My Best Regards
  2. Hello, maybe for Reference only? If the chart is needed they will update him some time before the flight On request, usually It works that way ( this was what I was told). My Best Regards
  3. What it may happen and correct me if I’m wrong, is that Biggin hill airport doesn’t receive scheduled Airline flights ( that are LIDO’s Main Costumers and Target) by what I saw....on the other hand Jeppesen is available for all from Private Pilots to Airlines and military also. But correct me if I’m wrong what may happen is that if a Lido Airline client has special flight to that airport the chart may be updated accordingly?.... My Best Regards
  4. It’s exactly the same and latest chart that is available at the Lido viewer I’ve just checked it. My Best Regards
  5. I ve arrived a little bit late to the Testers request and I ve been taking part of the slack forum....but I’ve just downloaded the IOS app and I agree it’s slow and I have a very fast internet connection... personally I would maintain the old font also I prefer a lot more than the new futuristic one...and maybe adding a departure arrival alternate Tabs to the left menu giving the chance to switch it Just as in the Lido mPilot and Lido eRM. My Best Regards Diogo Ferreira
  6. Hello good afternoon, but will it be released a new version? Thank you
  7. One question please... yesterday i was trying to get the ipad App and it doesn 't apear on the app store....does someone knows if is there a problem with it? My best Regards
  8. One question please... yesterday i was trying to get the ipad App and it doesn 't apear on the app store....is there a problem with it? My best Regards
  9. Good afternoon, for those who are using an IPAD there is a simple way of seeing the charts on Dark mode I don t know if anyone knew it.... my best regards
  10. checked and done, i´ve removed them and now i don´t have ground traffic just as i wanted. Thanks a lot for your help and attention Shaun. My best Regards DF
  11. Hello Shaun, i forgot to mention that.... i´m using the version for FS9. Thanks for your help and attention. DF
  12. Hello to all, i would like to know if is there someone who can please tell me which are the files related to Dynamic Scenery "ground Traffic" that is always moving in the airport . I want to remove that files due to performance problems... Thanks to everyone for your attention Bye DF
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