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  1. Oliver, I love all the work that you have done with AES and i know that there is a big workload for you with all of the FS airports. But i'm just here to remind you that FsDreamTeam KORD needs a fix for the double jetways. At the beginning of the month you said that you would have a fix done in a couple of days, but those days have turned into months. I don't want to nag you, but can the fix be made. Edward
  2. Hello, Will there be a fix for FsDreamteam's O'hare Double Jetways? Edward
  3. AES team, last week you said a fix will be avalible in the next few days...where can i find the fix that you were talking about. It has been a week. Edward
  4. Where would i be able to find this fix when you upload it?
  5. Thank you very much, please reply to this post when it is up thank you!
  6. So fsdt said that the problem is with AES not with FSDT if you want to see my problem in detail look at this link, this also shows FSDT's reply;boardseen#new
  7. FSX KORD latest DEMO AES 2.06 with DEMO on KORD
  8. Hello, I have FSDT's ORD and like the other post, i have double gates when using AES with this product. What is the solution to this product, so that i can have AES work with KORD? Edward
  9. yes, but when will it be released!!!
  10. Since United and Continental Merged, how about an A320 in this...
  11. it could be fs11...? or not i soooo can't wait for the 320 and then the advanced CDU model!!!
  12. that's understandable, but what i meant was like the LDS 767 you can set your preferences, it would be cool to do that with this product.
  13. When the advanced version comes out, could there be an option like the wilco package that has three levels of realism?
  14. Is there going to be a model with CFM engines?
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