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  1. Don't think my shadow should be there, it's upside down o_O
  2. thanks searched for towbar but it didn't give me any resault
  3. Hi I got this lovely bird last night and its been great so far but then I tried the towbar, for me it is hyper sensitive, it broke the wheel cover on the main gear because when I try to drag it forwards it fly's. It jumps forward up to about 30kts and then slams the nose wheel into the ground and I have to pause and then slew to stop it going to the other side of the airport. but it turns alright just cant drag it straight. And also just wondering been trying to get it into a stall spin without luck, any tips on how to make sure it goes into a spin?
  4. how much is the discount if you have the previous Katana X?
  5. Here's mine, taken over North america somewhere close to George Bush International at around 24.000 ft.
  6. It's at Gibraltar, now gimme my money...................
  7. nice, but UTC is not doing a great job with airlines there, never seen any of em other than BA at BIKF lol
  8. no one who wants to do this?
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