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  1. Woohoo! I am excited. The more scenery for x-plane10 the better. I bought Keflavik recently and must say this is among THE BEST scenery packages i ve ever bought. And i am a long time FSX user!
  2. Hallo habe gerade die Anzeige für X-Plane in der neuen Pc-Pilot gesehen und dort waren einige neue Airports gennannt. Gibt es dazu schon nähere Infos. BTW in der Ausgabe findet sich auch ein sehr interessantes Interview mit Herrn Dieckmann bzgl. X-Plane 10
  3. Oh I forgot, to tell I get nose dives not only on short final, but also when the aircraft reaches the preset altitude in the mcp. Again, disabling the FD solves this.
  4. +1 As I´ve wrote in another thread I still get the nose dive issue in Ver. 1.21. This is on a clean FSX install, so no older Version of Airbus X was installed before. Disabling the FD solves this problem on my computer.
  5. I also have this problem and disabling the flight director by pressing the FD button on the glareshield solved this problem for me (I´m using Ver 1.21). Maybe you guys could try this also, so we can see if the problem is related to the FD. In the end it is still a workaround and Aerosoft should finally fix this, but at least this fix is better than disabling the FBW-System. Btw any offiical news on this issue??? Is Aerosoft working on a fix? Regards, Nico
  6. Oh I forgot, please make it at least an extension (or ever better make it free) for existing customers so we don´t have to pay full price again.
  7. The two things that make or break an Airbus Sim for me are # 1 FBW # 2 proper VNAV managed mode SID, STARS and AIRWAYS would be nice though but are less important to me
  8. Seeing that you have posted in my thread also, our problems seem to be related. I also get the same error upon quiting fsx, but not always just sometimes. Well ít doesn´t seem OS related since you use Win 7 64 (right?) and I use XP SP3.
  9. Well unfortuneately my Airbus X crashes FSX on the load up of the selected flight. Does not happen with other Aircraft and is not linked to a specific airport (payware/standard FSX). There is a work around when loading an other Aircraft in the desired position at the airport and then loading up the Airbus X from there, but its annoying nevertheless.
  10. Same here, regardless what panel state you choose the airbus goes always in a cold and dark state
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